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  1. STBB #557 VOTE

    So many good beatsss 1. Lif 2. Julian Convex 3. fivepee Shout out crew: Lonius Soul Jutsu FatVonFree DJ Agent M MA Beats beatCretin Hobgoblin

    Congrats on the well-deserved win!
  3. STBB#556 VOTE

    1 Lonius 2 Kapp N eff 3 resubmann3rs
  4. STBB#556

    congrats on the well deserved win! samples were sweet af !
  5. STBB #554 VOTE

    It was a real toss up between 1 and 2 for me, but after some thought 1. G.F.Nella - yep that 2nd part absolutely effin nailed it 2. JoaGymshoe - dope all round track with a solid tight arrangement 3. LionGrip - loved the vibe you brought on this
  6. STBB #554 Munich

  7. STBB #553 VOTE

    1. per.du - good to seem grime action, nice one bruv 2. Dtunez - shmoooov as 3. JoaGymShoe - abstrakt ill dopeness Ras Dude got my head noddin, Wigmaster sounded fat. Lots of varied beats - thanks for listening and for the comments
  8. STBB #553

    Yo, nicked some sounds from the original score here, and used vocal snippets from the sample. Note to the headz - embraced the BR/soundtrack theme this time, so it's ended up with a techno/Vangelis/Moroder vibe (I think). Would have loved to have submitted a boombap effort too if I'd had the time !
  9. STBB #548 VOTE

    1. Defmute 2. Tsu Jan 3. Scout
  10. STBB#548 - Flipping Chords!

    Great rules and samples man! Been a while, good to be back