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  1. RIP
  2. again a lot of nice and different stuff this week..left likes on sc. thanks for listening and feedback. here is my vote: 1. DonutProducer 2. Cascassette 3. Lonius
  3. a lot of great stuff this week..i go for: 1. HOBGOBLINBEATS 2. Doom Dap 3. D-Skillz
  4. congrats on the win..very nice samples..i used only one of them for a quick flip + drums + bass + lord finesse peace
  5. congrats on the win..nice samples. i used three of them plus some cutz drums and bass.
  6. CASCASSETTE SAM KNOCKZ D-SKILLZ hard to decide..others got likes on soundcloud peace, bearcutta
  7. Congrats on the win..Very nice Samples. I used two different parts of the samples plus outside drums, bass and cuts. peace, Bearcutta
  8. Congrats on the win. Nice Samples this week. I did a quick one with chops of Sample A and used a stretched and pitched Vocal Cut as Synth of Sample C. Outside Drums and Scratches. Peace, Bearcutta
  9. hi everybody, this week i had no time to listen to all beats, due to that i can't vote.. thanks for the likes and feedback. have a nice weekend. peace bearcutta
  10. Congrats on the win! I just had some fun doing this quick session..
  11. a lot of good beats this week again..thanks for listening, likes and comments. my vote goes to: Ocypus hear ya in the next round.. bearcutta
  12. congrats on the is my entry for this time, no mix, no nothing, just for fun. peace bearcutta
  13. again a lot of creativity this week! my vote goes to: KONGCHAIN Peace Bearcutta
  14. Congrats on the win BMC..Leaving my Boom Bap comfort zone this week..Had fun making this.