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  1. Lawani


    I agree with that too. And as I mentioned before, just do what feels right to you. People are going to hate no matter what.
  2. Lawani

    Saving your music. WAV,FLAC,MP3?

    I do .wav at 48000 bit rate without dither for none mastered versions, 42000 bit rate in .wav once mastered, which I then use for bandcamp, and at last I do 320 .mp3's for soundcloud.
  3. Lawani


    I think that reusing already used samples can actually be quite interesting in the sense that it can push you to create something different from what you've heard. I will also add that just changing the drums can change the whole vibe of the track, even if you're using the exact same loop.
  4. Lawani

    money folder

    I wouldn't be surprised if he played the drums and sampled himself. And even if plays the drums forever when he plays them, whats not to say that he records the whole lot and then chops the best sections to reuse later on other tracks? Other cats have done that in the past like J-Zone and Damu The Fudgemunk.
  5. Lawani

    Song Construction

    You don't need to put to much pressure on yourself when making beats. That's the beauty of making beats. You can just make a loop that repeat itself for a few bars and that's the track done. Or you can come up with different loops from the same sample which builds the song. There is no real structure in instrumental music. There are phrases and elements that will repeat themselves here and there, but there's no real structure. I'd recommend listening to/studying Jazz when it comes to structure ideas. You can also check out J-Zone who changes his drums quite often within a song, so that it doesn't sound to repetitive.
  6. Lawani


    That's how you get it really raw and gritty, thus, there are so many of them. The other option, sample freestyles from youtube, not great quality, but works for lofi stuff.
  7. Lawani

    DAW Discussion

    I use Ableton Live and found that it is quite convenient to be able to do everything within the software from single ideas to finished mastered tracks. If you find a way that fits you, you can use it for live sets and even dj sets and mixes, which is great to have - I think.