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  1. Congratz Donut and cool theme this week "short and sweet" just like my lovemaking technique. Seriously Peace to all, Hugh
  2. 1. Brainsick Beats (Dream of a Theme- the final section sealed the deal and killed for real) 2. Nouga Jr. ( The sound was so..ethereal) 3. Sashimix (Sounded better than any other track I heard and i heard them all.) Loved the theme and how many tracks had a nostalgic vibe while keeping it current. Special shout out to Donut,2n!te,Dr.Cross.Slanteyez, :}:]:).Barry S,MINK-C. But a super special shout out to ERASERHEAD FUCKERS-FUCK ME!
  3. Congrats Julian you came back with a vengeance and hope you recover fully soon. Love the samples I think you can hear them through the cacophony. Peace, Hugh
  4. 1. Yellow5ive (Simply the best combo of craft, artistry and vibe.) 2. Brainsick Beats (Knocked the theme outta the ballsack.) 3. Julian Convex (created a world for me-you can't ask for more from a track) Special shout out to these guys cause they had their own spin- Elanvital,Bless24.Wigmaster . Man so many tracks. We may need to divide in to a Pro/Minor League A,AA,AAA groups. I would be in the Church Slow Pitch Softball division. Looking forward to the next battle. Peace, Hugh
  5. Hey All, Congrats SiM and thanks for the killer tracks. I had never heard of Hackshaw. I remember a Hacksaw who played for the 49'ers back in the day. Peace, Hugh
  6. 1. SIM (Minimal techno deliciousness) 2.Y5 ( What's that James Bond song-Nobody does it better) 3. tzu jan ( His approach is always off target and that is what makes it spot on) Whew, listened to all the tracks after a middle school dance tonight. Great work by all!
  7. Hey All, Congrats to the S A M Used just the samples except small drums added. I think there is a whole boatload in those samples thanks man. Peace. Hugh
  8. 1. Hungryman (When it slows down at 1:40 and it comes in-GOOSEBUMPS! only track that did that) 2. Mink-C. (Beat and pella in -nice change to the chorus.) 3. Sam Knockz (It well.....KNOCKZ!) Special shout out to the hb JOA collab and yellow5ive. Good week. I was hoping for more singing pellas but this is a beat battle so..... lots of great tracks and look forward to next week. Peace, Hugh
  9. Big Ups K, Great track last week and some tasty samples. I made the vocals backing. I sampled Holm and BRM. I like this pic of the guys. They are looking fresh, clean and like they just came from the barber shop.Peace, Hugh
  10. 1. Kolwalski (Was not surprised when I saw all the votes this week-a really FOCUSED piece. ) 2. Soul Justsu (any other week my number #1) 3. Donut Producer ( He may be dating himself with the synths but this is future sound.) Man I feel like this was one of the strongest weeks in a while. Everyone brought good treats to the table. I am truly stuffed right now. Peace, Hugh
  11. Hey All, Congrats and killer reverb samples. Half the two track drums are dry half not. The bass and keyboard are hard to hear but are dry also. Peace, Hugh
  12. 1.Sashimix (Delia In, BS Out) 2.Barry Studebaker ( Love Lifted Me Higher) 3.Sol Sauvage (Not really the right theme but it sounded so right it couldn't be wrong) Shout out the yellow5ive, Buttaslick,SEbP,SaintRock, The Wolfe, Hobgob,Hb, (Mr.T)retshiken but if I was the pick the one track that made me go hmmmmmm(good hmmmmmm) it would have to be tzujan. Loved the theme for this week. I don't know what is going on with previous comments but guys this shit is real important to me as it is for everyone here cause I hear it, so - I dunno what I want to say. I just want to be part of something positive and I am staying positive and will be in the battle as long as you guys let me. We may not all agree on many things but that is how it should be and it would really suck if we all did agree but we all share a passion for creating. Bring on the next theme. I am ready. Peace, Hugh
  13. Hey All, Congrats Mr. Vital excellent work and excellent theme. I am a big fan of the Doctor also and so are my kids. We are pumped about the new season and we dig the new companion. I knew about DD and like said before you should check out the doc. I wanted a sci fi dance number. The Conchords was a great show also. It is me on vocal so i hope that is cool. Murray made me crack up so much. Peace, Hugh
  14. I think one vote is fine and dandy and really in keeping with the battle idea but I am cool with whatever and can help in anyway the battle needs. You can still give shout outs in the vote and comments on the track. Maybe make the vote at the top so it is easier for the counter is a good idea. Without rules there would be nothing worth breaking.
  15. Vote to the DGTL close close second elanvital shout out to Ma Beats, lif, tzujan(more please).yellow5ive, syncope,RAS-H,cascassette. I was hoping to hear more female vocals but still dope week by all.
  16. Hey All, I never received that fax but i think I will be able to use this at the chili cook-off. Peace, Hugh
  17. Congrats Fat! A few questions -If i choose to use sample A but it is before 2:00 pm on Sunday can I use sample C also or do i have to use sample B because of alphabetical order? Also- can I use outside samples if i am working in an outdoor environment? If that is allowed what if i come back inside to finish the track would that negate my being able to use the outside sample? Also will i be able to use my track for a chili cook-off I am planning even if the cook-off is planned to occur during the vernal equinox and all the participants are right handed. Excited to get started once I am clear on the rules. if you could fax me a hand printed(no cursive) reply to these questions that would be great.
  18. 1. Constrobuz ( In a week full of soul, his was the fullest.) 2.Koaraktor (Hammer meet Nail on the head,) 3.Bleep (so many competing for this spot, this is something the others were not) so so many great tracks. shout out to FVF,KVH,Donut,Floridomi,Hobgob,goodfellow, Buttah,Zexual,big family.(Special big up to Ken Griffey Jr. for the late entry) there were more.looking forward to next week. If I am not there- I am either dead or have gotten arrested or have gotten laid. Not much fear of that last one happening, not that anyone was worried.peace, Hugh
  19. Congrits and cheese, Thanks for the tracks -very nice. Here is my track. I don't know but there is almost too much soul in the pic for safety. It may be hazardous to your health. Well it chops their heads off so you should be ok. Peace, Hugh
  20. Congrats to The Wolf! Here he is when he finds out he is victorious. image hosting site no sign upload
  21. 1. Lionus- (Ambient meets the unknown resulting in art and head nods) 2. Constrobuz ( Restored my waning faith in humanity with it's positivity-Pretty f'ing EPIC) 3. DJ Agent M (It's like a Zen Garden in its simplicity and correctness. My pad was full this week but special shout out to Cacasette, Bainzzz, Slanteyez,SoulJutsu,Dinobeatz,Mabeats and per du as they made the semi-final 3 cut. I did not know what to expect for the ambient theme. I thought some tracks captured it more than others but i thought it was a very strong week overall. The voting looks all over the place which is a credit to the solid tracks turned in. Look forward to seeing the results and opening up my sounds tomorrow. Peace, Hugh
  22. Hey All, Congrats on the well deserved win. I used all the samples but it may be hard to hear them individually. It is me on vocal do I hope that is ok. I was able to use the FLAC files on mac no problem but it was in ableton. Peace, Hugh
  23. Hey Barry, I thought they were great rules,especially the duet idea. I was surprised at how well some did capture the duet. Also shout out to Joa for keeping the score. Damn he made a spreadsheet and everything. The spreadsheet really shows how the voting went down. In the old way of scoring Koa would have won but this week 2 n!te took it because of 2nd and 3rd place votes. I have no problem with that cause both tracks were great. I know it is an added effort but I would love to see the spreadsheet each week for the reason above. Mucho Gracias Barry and Joa!
  24. 1. Koaracktor- (I was going to say best use of the guitar but that is you playing. Damn. Really hooks you in) 2. 2n!te (Best use of the Ellie, Made me use jelly.) 3. Yellow5ive- (Innovation,Innovation, Innovation.) Shout out to everyone. I really love this thing. Also on my pad- 5XVT, Donut Producer, redsubmann3rs, DJ Lody, Sam knocks. My pad is not a good indicator cause it is hard for me to sit up in my chair right now and write names down. Peace, Hugh
  25. Hey Congrats Barry and cool rules and samples. To the best of knowledge ,which is not a lot, this follows the rules. Always look forward to Saturday and the BB. Peace, Hugh