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  1. Detritus Tabu

    STBB #607 Bass Piano

    Hey All, This piano line was what popped into my brain this week. Here is the video I used. For some reason my downloader worked for this one.
  2. Detritus Tabu

    STBB #607 Bass Piano

    Hey All, Congrats JOA and very cool tracks and rules. Does anybody know a way to download the videos? I used to be able to but I can't anymore. Or if anybody could post a we transfer link that would be even better. Thanks, Hugh
  3. Detritus Tabu

    STBB #606 VOTE

    1. mlkii 2.Lonius 3. You peasant shout outs s. blackford,slam53,linkrust,Joa, chillwill
  4. Detritus Tabu

    STBB 606

    Hey All, I think i even used the kitchen sink. Peace, Hugh
  5. Detritus Tabu

    STBB #605 VOTE

    1. locke1885 ( Samurai Slayed All In His Path-No Mercy and No Survivors) 2.Link Rust (Creativity and Flawless Production) 3. Nella (All his flips were on this week.) Great week. I am so happy my broke ass gets to do this every week for free. Battle on.
  6. Detritus Tabu

    STBB #605

    Hey All, I guess I think I am Jimi Hendrix meets Tiny Tim. peace, Hugh
  7. Detritus Tabu

    STBB #604 VOTE

    1. Bleep ( Ima start calling him OCD cause his tracks are sooo damn perfect) 2. Link Rust (Lush but this bangs hard,) 3. Julian Convex (this little piggy went to town) man Excellent week. i think the foley samples were the trick. Shout outs to all but special shout out to BLUE EAR who stepped up and created a fantastic track. Battle on. Hugh
  8. Detritus Tabu

    STBB #604 [Lush]

    Hey All, Congrats and very cool rules. I wish I had had more time on this one. Hope all are doing well. Peace, Hugh
  9. Detritus Tabu

    STBB #603 VOTE

    1. Granny David (really great mix of going hard with mellow chops) 2. Barry Studfinder (this banged) 3. FineM (deepness here) Shout out to JAKAL and FVF. I guess most people went with the make what you want vs. make it bang. Great tracks but man it was so chill. I guess I am more from a rock background. What does it mean to bang in hip hop? I am not complaining really- just perplexed. Battle on. Peace, Hugh
  10. Detritus Tabu

    STBB #603

    Hey All, I had a hard time choosing what to go with this week. The NON-ENTRY is NOT for posting for the playlist but just if anyone is curious. I had to go with the one I felt more personally attached to.This is the mood I was going for in the entry. "I think these guys would fun to see at a honkytonk out in the woods. Everyone is completely shitfaced and property is being destroyed and used as weapons. The police, ambulances and firefighters are in route but someone has chopped several trees down blocking the only road in and out. " Peace, Hugh
  11. Detritus Tabu

    STBB #602 VOTE

    1. Bleep 2. DJ Cut-EFX 3. FAT (best use of theme) Shouts- def, noyer, slanty, wig, dajamah
  12. Detritus Tabu

    STBB #602

    Hey All, Cheers to both winners. Hope all are well. I think we are about to loose power for a while so Ima post this now. No problems B Jam I think we all know there was an absence of malice.. Peace, Hugh
  13. Detritus Tabu

    STBB #601 VOTE

    1. DJ Cut-EFX 2. Granny David 3. Jakal Great week-Cheers to Lonius for the great theme. Shout outs Zifhang, DJ Agent M, Slanteyez, Moxatron
  14. Detritus Tabu

    STBB #601 - Japan, optional extreme-production rule

    Hey Joa, Happy Birthday you young whippersnapper! I turned 50 last week. Virgos do it with household appliances. Hope you had a great one. Here is a pic from mine. See those glasses on my collar- you will need a pair like them very soon. Peace, Hugh
  15. Detritus Tabu

    STBB #601 - Japan, optional extreme-production rule

    Hey All, I was very excited by the theme for this week. I lived in Japan for 4 years around the turn of the century. It is a country I am deeply in love with. It is hard to explain but my time there was like a dream, not saying it was perfect, but it was something I can't put a finger on, something elusive and something totally different from my life up to that point growing up in the southeastern part of the US. The people were wonderful for the most part but it is a very homogeneous population and I never felt a part of it but that was kind of what I loved about it -being an outsider and being a witness to a very "deep" culture. Like I said before, it is not a perfect place by no means, and many things drove me crazy but I still feel regret about leaving. I can still remember my first night in my adopted home city of Matsumoto and sitting under the cherry blossoms at Matsumoto castle and drinking beer with my coworkers. It was a beautiful experience but like the blossoms themselves it was a temporary experience.The good times don’t last forever but the same can be said about the bad times also. I hope all in line of the hurricane are safe and I wish it didn’t take a disaster to bring us all together. I guess that is what I hate most about Trump-his entire political existence serves to divide us against each other. A country like ours is not homogeneous like Japan in that we have a wide diversity of peoples. That is our greatest strength but also our greatest potential weakness, These are bad times for the US, and I hope those around the world understand this country is so much better than the President we have right now. Before I step down off my soapbox I just wanted to say I am sorry for my previous post. It made someone sad and it makes me sad to know I made someone else sad. Peace, Hugh