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  1. STBB#567

    Hey All, I also would be happy to help. I can set my alarm and get up at the deadline or I could do the count at midnight est and someone else on the west coast could do the votes after that time. I am old and senile but I can still do basic math. Just let me know how I can help. Appreciate all those that do their part. Also something for the holiday. Non-Entry Peace, Hugh
  2. STBB#566 VOTE

    1. Scout ( I saw this track's aura and it was powerful.) 2.Setta ( New Sound while holding it down.) 3. ManWomanChild ( What the world needs is melody.) Shout out to all, great week. Buttah's track made me smile the most. Nice to see all the new names for me.
  3. STBB#566

    Peace, Hugh
  4. STBB #565 VOTE

    1. DAJAMAH (Just needed Gilmour and it could have been on Wish You Were Here-one of my favorites.) 2. Bless24 (This one really made me lose my bearings for a moment.) 3. ChillWill (riff ready) I don't think sc was taking my comments but I enjoyed them all. Peace. Hugh
  5. STBB #565

    Hey All, Happy New Year. Peace, Hugh
  6. XTBB #564 VOTE

    1. Unseen Era (The full package, gift wrapped for your ass.) 2. Superfly ( That intro made me feel like I was learning to fly like Rudolf) 3.Lionus (Keeping us warm from the cold.Hot Chocolate!) Here's to 2018 and battles to come. Hope all have a good one or three. Peace, Hugh
  7. XTBB #564

    Merry Christmas to All and a Happy New Year! Looking forward to the new Doctor but will miss Capaldi. Peace, Hugh
  8. STBB#563 VOTE

    1. Jakal ( I took a sneak peak at this one this week and nothing topped it -balanced the experimental with something really solid.) 2.ChillWill (Earworm of the week.) 3. Lonius ( Title says it all. Very nice tempo.) Great week. I feel I personally didn't push the experimental theme enough but in my case that might be a good thing. Happy holidays to all. Peace on Earth would be a great thing. Peace, Hugh
  9. STBB#563

    Hey All, Hope all have a happy holiday season. A little different than the version I posted earlier in my feed. Peace on Earth, Hugh
  10. STBB #562 VOTE

    Congrats Supafly! Well deserved!
  11. STBB #562 VOTE

    1. LangaLunts (He had me at "finger in your ass") 2. fivepee (Nostalgia Balla) 3.Kappneffect ( Signature sound. Always on.) Great week. Enjoyed every track with the introductions. Not many entries but all showed strong. Coffee and samples on the menu for tomorrow, looking forward to it. Thanks again to all. Peace, Hugh
  12. STBB #562 Radio

    Hey All, Freddy is one of my favorite singers so I went gaga on his ass with a side of Bogosian. Peace, Hugh
  13. STBB #562 Radio

    Ok guys you asked for it and I could never say no to the fam. I posted my interview. Thanks again. I will listen to everyone's track on Friday. It is kind of a welcome to the weekend ritual for me.
  14. STBB behind the beat/Weekly winner interview

    1. Wanna tell us something about yourself? Why sure. Detritus is not my real name, it is Hugh. I live in the mountains outside of Asheville NC. I teach Robotics in a public middle school. I really enjoy being around students this age but not in a Roy Moore way. Way back in time I was a bass player in band but I am really a keyboard/computer fiend now. I have 2 children to keep me straight and an ex-wife to keep me poor. I love STBB and hb turned me on to it when he heard a track in which I had sampled Dilla and invited me. Now I never miss a week-nuff said. Oh yeah Pet peeve-people who don't vote. I know it takes time to listen but if at all possible please vote. 2. How did you make use of the sample? Well, I usually listen and pick out sections that sound tasty and slice to keyboard and adjust as needed. I also usually use some kind of crossfading of created loops as it open up combos I would not of thought of before but sometimes makes me sound a bit busy. I had posted some of my loops to the mb and Joa took it and ran with it. I also sent him some guitar loops which he used more artfully than I ever would have. 3. How did you incorporate the rules? Well I got lucky and Joa took the bait for a collaboration. I wanted a Chicago theme but Joa took it and made it about The Elderly Brothers. I did get the guitar licks from Howlin' Wolf trying to get a little of the Chicago blues in there. 4. How did you go about making the drums and drum programming? All Joa, thank Gawd. 5. What DAW and or equipment did you use? Ableton -accept no substitutes. Actually it is never the DAW, it is the person using the DAW. Oh forgot to add I use an APC40/20 combo and usually perform my tracks as a live mix. It is my habit for everything I do. 6. Anything else you wanna add? I am humbled every week by the skill of everyone and all the different takes on the samples and theme. I enjoy Fridays when I get to listen to everyone's track and start putting names on my notepad. I make my top 3 choices before I see how others voted cause I do not want outside forces to sway my votes. Just wanted to say again-VOTE! Thanks STBB family. Peace, Hugh
  15. STBB #561 VOTE

    Thanks to all the STBB family. I feel very honored. I'll shut up now and let this sink in. Peace, Hugh aka Detritis Tabu