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  1. STBB #558 VOTE

    1. DAJAHMA (Bitches he ain't might be he sure be.) 2. Sam Knocks ( I have to escort my kids with a shovel cause there is bear in our neighborhood. This is a perfect soundtrack for my mood,) 3. P-lif (Making those chipmunks sound like angels.) Great week! Good to see hb back.
  2. STBB # 558 - Klossa knapitatet

    Congrats and man thanks for the samples. This all samples except drums. Peace, Hugh
  3. STBB #557 VOTE

    1. Soul Jutsu (That slowed down scale down thing was a thing of beauty) 2. DJ Agent M (his beats are so strong he don't need no stinking accapella) 3. fivepee (that bass and beat with the gospel-yes) Special shout out to Brainsick Beats -Like no other this one made me the happiest but really shout outs to all. I sympathize with Hungryman this was a tough week to choose but i wouldn't want it any other way. Bring on the next battle.

    Hey Congrats L and loved the performance sample. I recently went through a mid life crisis brought on by Butta Slick's synth work. Long story short, I bought a Korg Poly 800(my first synth) and a DW 8000 off Craigslist at very cool prices but I had to do some serious driving. I love Korg and I used the Arturia plug in of the Arp Odyssey for the bass on this. Peace, Hugh
  5. STBB#556 VOTE

    1. Cru ( the one for my ears.) 2. Lonius ( my theme song every Saturday.) 3. OLOS ( the simplicity and mix were just right.) Man another killer week. Shout outs to all. STBB, like Stranger Things, does not disappoint.
  6. STBB#556

    Hey All, I had to get all spooky cause it is Halloween dammit. I can't watch Stranger Things til I get the kids tomorrow so I had to do this instead. Trick or treat STBB! (Also congrats Def and those were some beautiful samples.) Peace, Hugh
  7. STBB #555 VOTE

    1. xne ( I cried. I ain't ashamed. Beautiful track. Best in a while.) 2. swoop dog-( Arranged perfection) 3. Sam Knocks (Album worthy track.) Man so many great tracks from such diverse ideas. Love a lot from names I am familiar with and those I am not. Great week. Looking forward next week.
  8. STBB#555 Tribute to the Loved ones that aren't amongst us

    Hey All, A few weeks back I received the call informing me that a good friend going back to childhood had passed suddenly from heart failure. It was a shock to everyone. Adam had called me earlier in the summer and had invited me to come and visit him for a few days during the summer. I was able to get off and drive there and had a nice time jamming and going to see some movies. Looking back on it now I think he knew what was coming. He had struggled with mental illness all his life but he kept it under control and he always made it to work and paid his bills. He was not "someone great" in terms what everyone thinks when they hear that term. In fact he could be a real pain in the ass but I loved him and in his way I knew he loved me. He had no wife or children, just his cats and his mother whom he cared for. So this is for Adam- I am missing you brother. The lyrics are from James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem. Peace, Hugh
  9. STBB #554 VOTE

    1. Supafly Arturo (one man's trash is another man's treasure) 2. Kautzilla (rasta polka) 3. Elan Vital (mucho butt shaking thang) Special shout out to Butta Slick. His track filled me up like the little buttercup I am. I will return to this track for free refills in the future. I just didn't hear the samples but I know they were there. We better have some kinda Halloween theme soon or I am going to get all Michael Meyers on ya'lls asses.
  10. STBB #554 Munich

    Congrats on the win and I dig the polka samples but I am kinda a dork. I did 3 beats but I only have one for posting the others are for those gluttons for punishment. THIS IS MY ENTRY WARNING!!!!THESE ARE NON ENTRIES.WARNING!!!! Peace, Hugh
  11. STBB #553 VOTE

    1. per.du (grabbed me from the start and didn't let go.) 2. Dimensions Tomorrow (that beat with the sample work-top notch) 3. Butta Slick ( I know he can do that boom bap but he slays me with his retro synth work) Man my notepad was full so shout outs to all. I haven't seen the movie yet but I hope they don't make it all super hero action like everything now a days. The original was slow and atmospheric as hell with a great soundtrack and fxs that blow movies today away with all their CGI shit. (Old Man Alert!)
  12. STBB #553

    Congrats Fat! Love the theme as I am a big time science fiction fan and back in the day I was really into Vangelis who did the soundtrack to the original. I chopped up "Memories of Green" from that soundtrack. Peace, Hugh
  13. STBB#552 VOTE

    1.Ma Beats (This what i pray for the radies.) 2.Joa and def ( def) 3. Kongchain (you never know what he will do but you know it will sound good) So many great tracks. I have to post now. Peace
  14. STBB# 552

    Hey All, Congrats K on your continued domination. You are like our personal dominatrix spanking us. I did an earlier beat that I sang on that would make a g cry from laughing so hard but I went with this one. Peace, Hugh
  15. STBB #551 VOTE

    1.OLOS ( He has quietly gotten quite good. The end was outstanding.) 2. mhmory (BEAUTY.) 3. Butta Slick (I was an 80's kid and in my heart and I am still a kid.) Shout outs CRU, FVF, GFNella, Sonic Skater, Saint Rock, Kow. Always looking forward to them rules and samples. Peace, Hugh