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  1. Congrats and loved the samples I used them all. Beach bound but will definitely check out your tracks and VOTE! Peace, Hugh
  2. vote

    1)Lonius (Jazzy Bass Jazzy Chops= Jizzy Goodness) 2) Huxlay (Huge -almost my #1, hard choice) 3) KOA (Melody is heaven) Man Ioved all the different takes this week. Special shout out to KappNeffect,GF Nella, Sam Knocks and Organi5sm. Also Hobgoblin was up there but I read his was a non entry but Holy Smokies great track. Was looking forward to hearing the tracks and yall did not disappoint. I will be chilling beachside with the kids next week but will be here unless attacked by shark. If someone wants to message me about how to help out with this in the future I would like to assist in any way needed.Peace, Hugh
  3. Hey All, I am really looking forward to hearing everybody's track this week. I got the bass from Alan Walker on you tube and sampling that and transposing. The two tracks supplied are all glompt together but essential horns and drums. I hope my vocals are not laughable, not really hip hop but it does rhyme. Twin Peaks Time. Peace, Hugh
  4. vote

    Hey Joa, this track might be up for a flip alongside any others submitted maybe 3 choose what you like. I leave the rules up to the professionals. Just an idea. Peace, Hugh
  5. vote

    Hey Guys, I just wanted to let you know I did vote. In the spreadsheet it does not list me as voting. I was kinda bummed at the number who did not vote. I may never receive a vote but I will always vote. Not voting is why we have an absolute ass clown as POTUS. Congrats Es-K. Peace, Hugh
  6. vote

    1) Naturelle Boom Bap (A tale of two tasty flips.) 2)Es-K (the Es stands for superb) 3) Lonius (Theme Weaver) Special Shout out to Fredson Jacobs for sounding immaculate, shit just popped real hard. Good week. Bring on the dancing horses next week.
  7. Congrats K on the win and big up yourself on that beautiful track. Really like the samples this week, tried all kinds of stuff but this is my entry. Peace, Hugh
  8. vote

    1. Kowalzki (Just listen to that , I mean seriously, just listen.) 2. Acktron ( Positivity in the face of loss. Humans at their best.) 3. Naturelle BoomBap (Smothering in its smoothness. Superb every which way.) Wow. What a tribute put on by all. I am always honored to be a part of this battle and much respect and love to you all. Special shout out to Velvetian Sky with his master class of a track. Bring on the rules for the next battle.
  9. Hey Hobgoblin, Congrats on the win and thanks for the killer samples. I was sorry to hear about Komplicated's passing and condolences to his family and friends. I tried to get a 90's sound but I don't feel I got the boom bap part right, everybody else's drums always sound so much louder. Peace, Hugh
  10. vote

    1. ffolliot (This track felt like falling in love (the good part of falling in love.)) 2. naturelle boombap (someone said it needed bass but bass would be too heavy to float on a breeze.) 3. Brainsick Beats ( So massive it was bigger than yo momma's butt.) Man, I thought this was the strongest week in a while. Could be this Kentucky Woo Grass but I loved it. I hit a stretch there where it was all fantastic getting better and better.,Shout outs to the experimental quintuplet lif, Tretshinkin,hb and JCElvis. Also on my notepad Hobgoblin,Dj AgentM,Moxatron, CYNG,2n!te,Superfly, JoaXSIM,zifhang.Lakewood.Lonius.Kowalski. Look forward to next week.
  11. Congrats and thanks for all the fish. Hey All. This is dedicated to the newest member of my family, Ginger. She is a sweet little heart-breaker. Peace, Hugh
  12. 1. Soul Jutsu (took the theme and ran with it. Hear that bell?) 2. Sol Sauvage (real close to the top spot. Hot Hot Hot.) 3. Hobgoblin (Dude is scary good.I wouldn't mess with him.) Shout out to Valescu Beats and DJ Agent M. But a special special shout out to paco for a track that leaves space for shit to happen in, something I really need to work on. Some tracks really showed how varied some cats can be up in this sucker. Bring on the next battle.
  13. Congratz Donut and cool theme this week "short and sweet" just like my lovemaking technique. Seriously Peace to all, Hugh
  14. 1. Brainsick Beats (Dream of a Theme- the final section sealed the deal and killed for real) 2. Nouga Jr. ( The sound was so..ethereal) 3. Sashimix (Sounded better than any other track I heard and i heard them all.) Loved the theme and how many tracks had a nostalgic vibe while keeping it current. Special shout out to Donut,2n!te,Dr.Cross.Slanteyez, :}:]:).Barry S,MINK-C. But a super special shout out to ERASERHEAD FUCKERS-FUCK ME!
  15. Congrats Julian you came back with a vengeance and hope you recover fully soon. Love the samples I think you can hear them through the cacophony. Peace, Hugh