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  1. STBB #550 VOTE

    1. Lionus (no one went there but him) 2.Saint Rock ( goosebump alert- but just not the theme for this week.) 3. Mirrorish (Enter the Temple Of Tempo) Great week. Shout out to all. An object in motion ,stays in motion. Peace, Hugh
  2. STBB #550 Harmony Week

    Hey All, Congrats and cool rules. I am more of a 80's one finger player synth player but I tried some chords not sure what they are though. Peace, Hugh
  3. STBB#549 VOTE

    1. Saint Rock ( Roll my windows down and pretend my Kia is a Bentley.) 2.JOndis( I can see 3 people in a coffee shop making suspicious glances at each other.) 2.Chillwill (Dance music for shy spies.) On my pad Hob, donut, per du, Wig, Joa, Bles24. Fun week as it should be every week. Look forward to hearing all next week. Thanks for all the positive support the ones keeping it up.(That's what she said) .
  4. SSSHTBB #549

    Hey All, Threw my back out doing that damn yard work. Peace, Hugh
  5. SSSHTBB #549

    Also I don't know if others will have the same problem but I had to copy and paste the title into youtube search and select the video again so it played an ad to get the download button. Ohh damn just realized that maybe that was part of the spy challenge I can delete if needed.
  6. SSSHTBB #549

    Thanks Joa for the prompt rules and theme. It was either this or yard work. I think you know what I'd prefer to do.
  7. STBB #548 VOTE

    Hit us up JOA, last week was chill maybe another direction this week but you know what to do. So do it. Congrats def. Hope you are chilling like Giligan out on an island.
  8. STBB #548 VOTE

    1. Tzu Jan- (Really felt the chords and the flute were right as rain.) 2. Def Mute- (Helen Kellered it.) 3.d RMS (brief glimpse of artistry.) Chill week-cool. On my pad-hb, bleep,t he Guen, Saint Rock, JOA, cacasette, bles24. I think hb should take us all on his next world tour, we're talking private jet style. Hope all are ok from the nasty weather. Battle on.
  9. STBB#548 - Flipping Chords!

    Hey L, Congrats on the win and really cool rules for the week. Peace, Hugh
  10. STBB #547 VOTE

    1. DJ Agent M 2. Lonius 3. Ceeazy Any of those 3 could be my #1 hard to order, Shout outs Donut, David L, Ma beats, Saint Rock, Jam beats, Moxatron, Nella.
  11. STBB#547 - M.J Flipping week

    Hey All, My bass was a synth but it is in the bass range of the spectrum. I understand if DQ'ed but I did use a vocal and everything is from the samples except drums. You younger cats just don't know what MJ was in the day.Cool rules and samples.Congrats on the win Nella. Peace, Hugh
  12. STBB #546 VOTE

    1. Mawakenings (positively perfect) 2. GFNella (shambling towards paradise.) 3. Butta Slick (Hell yeah I'll dance, especially if the girls are fly or I am really wasted) Shout outs to Sibannac, Moxatron, Ceezy, JOA, Saint Rock(well nice), Agent M. Bring it fam, Peace, Hugh
  13. STBB #546 - 90s GARAGE SALE

    Hey All, I'm old enough to be able to remember, I just can't remember. I call my lo-fi style "red on the 4 track cassette". Peace, Hugh
  14. STBB #545 VOTE

    1.Def Mute (2 parts make me whole) 2. Per Du ( Always class in a cut crystal glass.) 3. Lionus (I want to be at a party he DJs.) Man, I thought everybody killed it. I liked the rules cause it let people stretch. Shout out to all.
  15. STBB 545 - Mixed genres week

    Hey All, The first is Oki Chi Chi style and the second is Oh Face upbeat. Hope all are well. Peace, Hugh