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  1. Detritus Tabu

    STBB #585-confused john travola week

    Congrats on the win DGTL! Hey All, Not really hip hop but I hope sonically enjoyable. All sounds from the choice sample and me with a microphone. I thought the rules were great for experimenting and trying something different for a change. I really appreciate different kinds of rules. Who wants to do the same thing every week? I just hate that I am going to be behind KOW again this week. peace,Hugh
  2. Detritus Tabu

    STBB #584 VOTE

    1. Huxlay (MIGHTY MIGHTY STUFF) 2. lokal (man so close to being my top pick. was a hard one.) 3. FVF ( the theme suited him to a T-Boner) Hey All, Shouts out to all but SPECIAL shouts to SBlackford, Lonius, hb and Kow. Man I was a shit samich between Hux and Kow. Battle on. Peace, Hugh
  3. Detritus Tabu

    STBB#584 - no vocals week

    What!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!! Say it ain't so.
  4. Detritus Tabu

    STBB#584 - no vocals week

    Hey All, CONGRATS Per du and that gif is hypnotizing. I did play all the instruments but I did chop them and added fx. This is a NON-ENTRY. I did use the samples also. Peace, Hugh
  5. Detritus Tabu

    STBB #583 VOTE

    1. DGTL (hangs together so nicely.Well-hung award) 2. JOA (made a diamond with just 16 bits.) 3. 2Nite ( really beautiful and vibey.) Shout outs to all. This was a real fun week listening given the rules. I am always astounded a what you guys make with the samples and rules. Peace, Hugh
  6. Detritus Tabu

    STBB 583 - 16bit ninja

    Hey All, Making drums is not my forte so this was good for me to attempt even if I didn't quite succeed. I always dig the rules that make you stretch. Peace, Hugh
  7. Detritus Tabu

    STBB #582 VOTE

    1. Hoody (Y'all need to go back and listen to that one cause that was the one.) 2.Huxlay ( he does more in an hour than I will in a lifetime.) 3. Brogrimm ( Sketches but sketches done by an artist.) Shout outs to Doom Dap, Jay M, Joa, resumann3ers. Cool to see what you guys can throw together in an hour. Battle on. Hugh
  8. Detritus Tabu

    STBB # 582

    Congrats Super Sen. I kept it to the original rule of under an hour. The winner sets the rules. Peace, Hugh
  9. Detritus Tabu

    STBB#581 VOTE

    1. FIVEPEE -Just struck me strongly. 2.Kapp- All the stars lined up on that beat. 3. Lonius- He is jazzin this place up. Strong Strong week. Thanks for all the positive feedback- it is much appreciated. Peace, Hugh
  10. Detritus Tabu

    STBB 581

    Hey All, I didn't have the kids with me so I had to use their you tube channels for vocal samples. They are growing up in a much different world than I grew up in but that's the story for every generation. They are good kids in spite of their father. They are my harmony. Peace, Hugh
  11. Detritus Tabu

    STBB #580 VOTE

    1. KVH (Like a 333 yard drive off the tee.) 2. Wolf ( The second part when it comes in.whoa. I am not sure about how the beat comes in but the first bar of that second part. Whoooom.) 3. Edna (If my bass sounded that good I would never leave the house.) Hey All, Good week. Special shout goes to Super Sen and brogrim. Battle on.Peace, Hugh
  12. Detritus Tabu

    STBB #580

    Hey All, Congrats on the win, Mr. Vital. Peace, Hugh
  13. Detritus Tabu

    STBB#579 VOTE

    1. Jakal (The term "virtuoso" would never be applied to anyone in the Fall but I give it to this track.) 2.The Wolf ( Ready for the football stadium) 3.Bleep ( Captured the theme spot on) Being a fan I have to say everyone did justice to the Fall. They had great riffs and attitude. Looking forward to the next battle. Peace, Hugh
  14. Detritus Tabu

    STBB #579 - Mark E Smith

    Hey Joa and All, The “bollocks” part was my history of being a fan of Mark E. Smith not the charges brought against him in this thread, which are quite serious and hard to defend and I honestly cannot defend his words. I was not aware of these lyrics before but I have to say it is not surprising to me given his deliberately provocative and contrarian stances. I would never pretend to be able to say what was going on in his mind when he decided to put those words in a song outside of his own comments which seem to be him doubling down on the correctness of his intent. The language was ignorant and cruel but probably pretty common in the pubs he would be frequenting at that time, again not excusable but a statement of fact. He is from a working class background and is proud to be “the crap that talks back” in a very class oriented society. He said he could not be an oppressor of black people because the working class shares the same economic oppression from those who hold the power that black people have dealt with historically. He is pointing out that middle class values are hypocritical in that they have the token black person in organizations that have no real desire to change the current power structure. I read that the band revisited the song in 2003 and the line was cut from that version. That is the closest Mark E. Smith could ever come to making any kind of apology. This inability to admit mistakes and apologize must have been hell for those closest to him. Personally in my experience people who behave like this are masking a deep insecurity and cannot allow themselves ever to be vulnerable. Often we are disappointed when our idols are all too human but in a way it makes them more real and brings them closer and into focus. My children are bi-racial and anybody that would hate them for the way they look is not worthy of my respect. I will say that I really don’t think racism was a core principle for him or was a catalyst for his artistic output and because of that absence of racist intent he keeps my respect on the merits of his art. He was like the great “piss taker” of rock music, a role he played admirably for so long. So much for you guys avoiding my “bollocks”. Peace, Hugh
  15. Detritus Tabu

    STBB #579 - Mark E Smith

    Hey All, I could go on for long time about this band and this artist but nobody wants to hear that bollocks (Am I using bollocks correctly here?). I used Frenz, Hit the North, Cruiser's Creek(a personal favorite) and this video . Cheers Mr. Smith! You will be missed by me.