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    COLE SMITHERS obviously
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    For snares, you really need a layer that cuts through the mix in the mid range. A lot of weak snares I hear are all top end, no meat. Kicks often need high end to cut through the mix so make sure you have a layer that has some nice pop to it as well as the obvious low end punch.
  3. Smoltron

    Song Construction

    Man a song is what you make it, what you described is definitely a song, but the more time you put in and the more work you do on it, the more you will learn and get out of the experience of making it.
  4. Smoltron

    Can anyone recommend some weird VST effects?

    Glitchmachines has some cool really trippy stuff for free like Hysteresis and the have some free samples too that are nice
  5. Smoltron

    what makes a good sample musician?

    It's all about choosing samples that go well together and locking in tight grooves, just have fun and keep practicing.
  6. Smoltron

    Stranger Things Soundtrack

    Stranger Things was sick, and the soundtrack complements it so well. Such dope 80's vibes, the whole thing captures the feel of that era without emphasizing the cheesiness.