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  1. STAX

    STBB#581 VOTE

    1 Fla 2 Rob Chop The Vinylator 3 Setta
  2. STAX

    STBB #580 VOTE

    1 for 3 - Hobgoblinbeats 2 for 2 - The Wolf 3 for 1 - BLeS24
  3. STAX

    Member Komplikated passed away rip

    R.I.P. Komplikated. His music will live forever. Glad you posted that, Joa. Realized I’ve been nodding my head for a good while.
  4. STAX


    It's all from the samples plus a little acoustic. Planned on adding some sine waves, since she loved simple sine synthesis and there's so much great stuff you can do with em, but ayyy
  5. STAX


    Congrats man. You nailed that sound. Not like that time a guy in one of my old bands said "hey check out this portishead style stuff I wrote"... bruh... It's cool that even Adrian Utley shows up in the doc, and how Delia sampled one pluck at a time and spliced the tapes to build a bassline. Thanks for the history. Funny to see her all excited about that giant stack of oscillators. That's like me right there.
  6. STAX

    STBB #530 Vote

    Elanvital WINS 8 votes
  7. STAX

    STBB #530 Vote

    Rustee Frequency shoutout to Lexiuss and tzu jan
  8. STAX


    Couldn't find the slide in this damn place so I just used the harp
  9. STAX

    STBB #529 VOTE

    Man it was good to hear those tracks. This battle is tougher than a crab battle. Glad I was around this week 1. Prof.Ede smashed it, like :O 2. Hobgoblinbeats 3. Bleep is only one here doing that new pop futurey thing that blew up, the production is solid 2nite & Joa were high on the list
  10. STAX

    STBB 529 - SOUL

    aaaand pullin up the rear Tons goin on in this track, recordings, fx synthesis. This whole track was basically done right after the samples dropped though, since I was trying to be early. Well we've all got our demons.
  11. STAX

    STBB #528 VOTE

    1. Banizzz 2. The Wolf 3. MA Beats - for those voc chops mmm
  12. STAX

    STBB #528 - AMBIENT

    2nite won, sweet! Wish I could remix this one track of his. Tried so many times . Had to come by and give the samples a nice sloppy finger bang on 8 pads. Off the grid af. Just some fun. Resampled the bell sample to $#!% to get it to fit. Synthesized some drums, bounced a loop, slapped it on a pad.
  13. STAX

    STBB #526

    yeah what he said
  14. STAX

    STBB # 525 VOTE

    1. Butta Slick 2. JoaGymshoe & per.du 3. soulwhat Shoutouts to Soul-Jutsu, arwwae, c a s c a s e t t e for some of my other favs If you want to tell me how I can improve my track, I'd love to hear it. Thanks
  15. STAX

    STBB #525