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  1. Politics and Current Events

  2. Politics and Current Events

    Figured i'd start just a general thread for politics and current events here. Right now we recently had the Charlottesville protests and in the aftermath monuments are being taken down and vandalized. What are everyone's opinions on this? i've lived up North all my life and i'm fairly young, i didn't know and i'm surprised the monuments to the Confederacy still existed in this capacity until fairly recently. i know there's hicks that have confederate shit but i didn't know the extent people still clung to this stuff. https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2017/08/18/us/charlottesville-mayor/index.html a monument to the Confederate President on a highway??? damn.
  3. Politics and Current Events

    lil b got jumped by a boogie wit a hoodie and he doesn't give a fuck lmao
  4. The Needle Drop Weirdo

  5. The Needle Drop Weirdo

    **EDIT** damn i had no idea this controversy was happening lol gimme a minute
  6. The Needle Drop Weirdo

    you don't like the Anthony Fantano best rapper vids? i've seen a couple and i think they're hilarious. the j cole one and the hopsin one idk who sam hyde is so i don't have an opinion on that
  7. The Death of Soundcloud

    anybody know any news about how soundcloud is doing ?
  8. The Death of Soundcloud

    https://massappeal.com/soundcloud-50-days-to-live/ Soundcloud might be dead 50 days from now. What do you think is going to happen to the music industry if it does die?
  9. what are you listening to?

  10. what are you listening to?


    ayeeeeee more heat bro! this is quality man i really believe in this you're gunna go far

    this tight. imma fan
  13. Polypheme Hills EP

    aye this sounds dope i like it
  14. rares from the lair

    yo this is hot ! i dig it
  15. Politics and Current Events


    Maneuver through these hoops, demons gettin juked tryna make my dreams come true, before North Korea gets nukes prayers up for our troops prayin every night Donald Trump will lose come 2020

    Hello everybody. My name is MiKEY SANZ, I'm from Upstate New York, and i'm a rapper. DOOM is a big influence of mine and although i'm not super familiar with Danny Brown a lot of people say my voice reminds them of him. I've been a member of the forums for about a year now. I'm going to be upping my content over the course of the next year or more and i'll be posting it in this thread. I'm shooting for 1 song per week at least. I really feel like I have the talent to be a professional rapper some day soon (1-5 years from now) so if you could please give me a minute and listen to some of my tracks I'd appreciate it and you might be catching a wave before anyone else and grab bragging rights lol. This track i've posted below is about a year old but it's by far my most popular one to date. it currently has 14,000 plays on Soundcloud. Everything after this will be new songs, music videos, etc. Thank you and i appreciate any support anyone is willing to give, no matter how small.
  18. DAW Discussion

    yeah i'm digging it. still hella annoying having to learn all the quirks and ins and outs of a different software tho. this the last time i'm switching. The only way i'd consider switching again MAYBE is if i had a friend or a fellow artist show me everything. Still tho, even then, this is too annoying. and i can't imagine why i would ever NEED to. I plan to be a Logic user forever now simply because I'm never going to make good music until i get to the point where a DAW is second nature. It's also convenient to know it'll always work well with Macs.
  19. DAW Discussion

    What is everybody's favorite DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)? (Pro Tools, Reason, Bitwig, Ableton, Cubase, Audacity, Logic, etc.?)

    i wish i knew what i know now ...
  21. DAW Discussion

    macbooks after 2011 or something don't have interchangeable parts. i have one from 2015. i appreciate the help but i've already googled it. i also vaguely remember asking the Apple store employees about it when i first bought it and they said the same thing
  22. DAW Discussion

    because i have a MacBook Pro and you can't. otherwise i would have. All Mac Laptops after like 2011 or something have all the parts soldered on or whatever (idk the terminology). if you want a faster MacBook you have to buy a new one. I got this computer last year so it has to be my computer for at least a couple years. i'm in school and don't have a high paying job. *EDIT* btw i was using Pro Tools First. The free version of Pro Tools.
  23. DAW Discussion

    I'm pissed cause I learned Pro Tools and I really like it but Avid just raised their minimum system specs. It needs 16 gb RAM minimum, my computer has 8. It's also just SUPER expensive. 700 plus if u want support and updates it's 100 year. Logic just 200 so i made the tough decision to switch. gotta learn aa new DAW from scratch lol. Ableton or Reason would've been my next choice.
  24. DAW Discussion

    idk. i haven't heard much about Acid Pro. that's a shame tho. a DAW that you really fuck with is hard to come by. im actually in the process of switching to Logic Pro X. it seems good and it seems like Apple will keep up with it. i doubt they'd discontinue it but the possibility is in the back of my mind.

    hey thank you! i appreciate the love