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    dope shit i dig it man!
  2. Politics and Current Events

    Figured i'd start just a general thread for politics and current events here. Right now we recently had the Charlottesville protests and in the aftermath monuments are being taken down and vandalized. What are everyone's opinions on this? i've lived up North all my life and i'm fairly young, i didn't know and i'm surprised the monuments to the Confederacy still existed in this capacity until fairly recently. i know there's hicks that have confederate shit but i didn't know the extent people still clung to this stuff. https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2017/08/18/us/charlottesville-mayor/index.html a monument to the Confederate President on a highway??? damn.
  3. Politics and Current Events

  4. what are you listening to?

  5. Wackboods

    hey yo this is dope af i dig it

    I feel like this is the best rap I have ever written in my whole entire life

    Hello everybody. My name is MiKEY SANZ, I'm from Upstate New York, and i'm a rapper. DOOM is a big influence of mine and although i'm not super familiar with Danny Brown a lot of people say my voice reminds them of him. I've been a member of the forums for about a year now. I'm going to be upping my content over the course of the next year or more and i'll be posting it in this thread. I'm shooting for 1 song per week at least. I really feel like I have the talent to be a professional rapper some day soon (1-5 years from now) so if you could please give me a minute and listen to some of my tracks I'd appreciate it. You might be catching a wave before anyone else and grab bragging rights lol. This track i've posted below is about a year old but it's by far my most popular one to date. it currently has 14,000 plays on Soundcloud. Everything after this will be new songs, music videos, etc. Thank you and i appreciate any support anyone is willing to give, no matter how small.

  9. what are you listening to?

  10. DOOM

    Drake showin love to DOOM. Calling him the GOAT (incase anybody missed or for some reason can't see the emoji)
  11. what are you listening to?

  12. http://ambrosiaforheads.com/2017/07/tracklib-sample-licensing-service/ what do y'all think of this? ^ it's called Tracklib

  14. "Legal Sampling Is Now As Easy As Online Shopping"

    are u instmntal beats
  15. what are you listening to?

  16. overrated rapper list

    this thread is going to be entertaining as fuck lmao
  17. what are you listening to?

  18. what are you listening to?

  19. "Legal Sampling Is Now As Easy As Online Shopping"

    what are you saying lmao

    New Track! "Cross Hang" Lyrics: perusin for a dudess in a birthday suit, rufus shit was goin good wit my ex but then she ruined it like george lucas my labor fruitless, change it by ’18 it been a money sink it’s time for it to pay me All sad boy broken hearts vibe lately republicans, they all Dicks like Cheney these rappers young got me feelin like i’m 80 hella women implyin they want saving i can’t even save me, got no time for ya mystery i hardly got time for my own misery barrel thru life like a running back clutchin on the pig skin i shoulda had a fairy odd parent to grant me wishes i’m an old soul still got dreams of the major leagues and games in the pro bowl satan tryna get me in the choke hold tryna get me feelin like i’m rollin solo cross hang from the rearview mirror cross hang from the rearview mirror cross hang from the rearview mirror cross hang from the rearview mirror texts all lowercase, sex with the basket kind dick is a head crab, nut just to pacify days passin by, spent xboxin swiping left and right on toxins, tryna find a sheath for my rocket rappers say they lyrical but really they satirical i got pussy stains in the back seat of my vehicle shy away from people can’t stomach the evil got too many growin pains, too many hoes is fake too many clones who want my time to waste probe me like an alien, bios like a bratty bitch actin like they too good for my gladius build it and they will cum, i just gotta focus guess i understand why they ain’t open too many creeps like POTUS still tho these hoes bogus gotta focus on building my empire like the Romans the sun gone never set pussy is a drug i call it Percocet i been a lion call me lannister, jaime make sure you hop up on my dick if you a 90’s baby it’s appreciated greatly
  21. Best Tweets

    this idea for a thread might be stupid as fuck but imma make it anyway and if i'm the only one posting i'll stop also does anybody know what song that is in the third tweet it's fire and i can't find it
  22. Best Tweets

    found it
  23. Politics and Current Events

    well to be fair he denied it for years calling it rumors until everything blew up lol super fucked too because, since these two women told people about it, they were ostracized from comedy clubs and shit. they were comedians and, if they were talented, it fucked up their careers. this shit so real. like you just have a dream and then some dude jerks off in front of you for no reason and now you can't get any gigs. that's CRAZY fucked.
  24. Politics and Current Events

    "During Ms. Goodman and Ms. Wolov’s surreal visit to Louis C.K.’s Aspen hotel room, they said they were holding onto each other, screaming and laughing in shock, as Louis C.K. masturbated in a chair. “We were paralyzed,” Ms. Goodman said. After he ejaculated on his stomach, they said, they fled. He called after them: “He was like, ‘Which one is Dana and which one is Julia?’” Ms. Goodman recalled." DUUUUUUUUUUUDE