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  1. Goldspoon

    Expensive Records

    i just got my first record a while back on record store day. i can't really use it for beats because i don't have a sampler yet but i got spaceways by sun ra for 30 dollars. now, they were also sellings a record by mac damarco that had a lot less copies and i was debating buying it because i thought it might be worth more in the future, and it turned up a bit later on discogs for a price just as cheap as my sun ra record. im not too experienced in the whole matter but overall i just think its better to prioritize records which you actually want rather than ones which might be more rare or profitable. of course, at a certain point you may not be able to afford a record you really want, so if youre a beat maker and you need records, you might just have to save your grail for later... which sucks lol
  2. Goldspoon

    what makes a good sample musician?

    after listening to lots of beat videos on youtube for a couple months now, i've realized that a lot of this stuff is stretched too long for its own good and too bland. i don't personally have any gear besides a piano and a hardware synth, so i haven't done much producing besides what i can manage on an unauthorized version of live lite. but you can tell a clear difference between madlib and other guys who are doing things on youtube. so what is it that makes madlib better? is it the variety of his samples or the way he constructs them? i'm really not sure and i want to know what makes you GOOD at the process of sampling and creating songs off of your samples
  3. Goldspoon

    What's good to watch these days

    trailer park boys is fucking hilarious, kind of a big series but it gets better as you go on towards the end real famous dudes start showing up like snoop