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  1. 3. DonutProducer (your software is one thing...but your creativity and feel for dope beats...damnnneeddd!) 2n!te defMute Dr.Cross slanteyez : | : | : ) 2. Doom Dap x Soul Jutsu x JoaGymshoe (Beats all got soul and the lyrics there's a lot emotion and great story in there, diggin it!) Bearcutta 1. Eraserhead Fuckers (I am sucker for this all out mentality in beats! mental!) Lonius
  2. Happy times ahead but couldn't let a donky kong challenge pass by...still as no voting time this week this is a non-entry. Had lots of fun making this puppy!
  3. What a week...yes what a week it was ...66 entries!! Now... as voted by the professional jury of STBB is your top 3: 3. He's making them with his car, he's making them on the toilette, he's making them to eat. It's him....the DONUTPRODUCER! 2. He was doing the arms moves way before they become legendary viral and subsequently predicted it's downfall.....give it up for DOOM DAP! 1. In convex geometry, a convex set is a subset of an affine space that is closed under convex combinations.[1] More specifically, in a Euclidean space, a convex region is a region where, for every pair of points within the region, every point on the straight line segment that joins the pair of points is also within the region you do the math...and in the meantime applaude for this weeks winner....JULIAN CONVEX!! STBB Vote Sheet.xlsx
  4. DonutProducer ⓢⓦⒼⓦⓂ sam knockz WigMaster [KappNeffect] Doom Dap 1. yellow5ive 2. Hobgoblinbeats elanvital 3. R A S M E N E L i K p.s. jibbers.....that was a shitload of beats to check (also quite some exceeding the 1:30 time cap)
  5. Incredible samples...was hard too start working on this one as all the samples are gems! As it is quite good summer weather here I decided to try and bring that oldschool vinyl hiphop 90s vibe back. cheers!
  6. And your top three of STBB 534 On 3rd's the ukranian gangbanging pianoman K V H!!! On 2nd place....austria was never as funky before this man arrived....give it up for Per.du ****drum roles*** And the winner over this week. The man that inspired a videogame's SiM!!! p.s. complete voting list enclosed Votes of those with a top 1 or 2 have not been counted. We encourage to give a top's sometimes hard to choose but let's do it :-))) STBB#534.xlsx
  7. Per.du Ras dude Brainsickbeats JoaGymshoe Elanvital Yellow5ive The Wolf Ceeazy [KappNeffect] Ogifeelthebeat
  8. Congrats on the win! Was not sure what to do with the samples so in honor of cottonmouth!
  9. And the winner and new Champioooooon offffff the woooorrrrllldddd is KOWALZKI Congrats! Soul-Jutsu 2nd and Lonius coming in 3rd
  10. Kowalski JoaGymShoe Lonius Soul Jutsu Ogi feel the beat MA beats Bearcutta Supafly Artura
  11. One day ....yes one day...I'll not go uptempo on this STBB thing
  12. damned these samples are a pity to start chopping pffff nice ones!
  13. This weeks rundown top 10! Donutproducer 28 Sol Sauvage 27 Tzu Jan 24 Sashimix 20 Barry Studebaker 16 Elanvital 15 Velvetian sky 14 Hobgoblinbeats, CYNG, SebP 11 Congrats Donutproducer on the win!!
  14. _.• βąℓ$ţ¥яɨȼ๏ •._ (that vibe and build up! instant repeat!) Sashimix (happy to see you as a more frequent battle cat on stbb. This one is full of flava!!) Detritus Tabu3 (expected this week would be perfectly matching your style...and you delivered!) JoaGymshoe (those lyrics...damned! like hearing a mirror talk!) Butta Slick (awesome how you revamped a classic!) Sol Sauvage Saint Rock STBB Yellow5ive DonutProducer Elanvital
  15. Congrats Elanvital! Call me a noob but I hadn't heared about Delia Derbyshir. So I learned some new interesting things! This weeks been a real challenge for me, as synths is not my game(basically learning all by entering the STBB challenges). That's why I choose to go Early Rave on this one!!!