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  1. BarryStudebaker

    STBB #603

  2. BarryStudebaker

    STBB #599 VOTE

    Lonius (the beauty is in the simplicity!) JoaGymshoe (perfect triphop vibe!) B-Jam vs Enos (with that bassline I was thinkin I was listening to a FatVonFree track) Elan Vital and Ruedenz completing my top 5. Lots of dope tracks, yet these 5 brought the triphop vibe most this week for me!
  3. BarryStudebaker

    STBB 599 Dark Trip Hop

    All samples used. Added drums and vocals in there
  4. BarryStudebaker

    STBB #595 VOTE

    Damned my personal number and two really stood out to me this week. Super productions. 1. Banizzz (in the end just am craving for this type of chillstep vibe with tweaked voices. Amazing production!) 2. Per.du (the sample was just waiting for some Beastie Boys! ...and that second part...amazing!) 3. TrakMakedaBeats (super electrofied use of the sample! and the deep 808 bass brwaaaaap) completing my top 10 in random order: CHOPFYT, elan vital, David Langenbacher, kokosovyj matras, JoaGymshoe, beantangerine, Wolf
  5. BarryStudebaker

    STBB #595

  6. BarryStudebaker

    STBB #592 VOTE

    Ma Beats Kornell defMute (reminded of dj hype and six million ways...superb track!) 2n!t ruedenz (no that's some deep moving shadows shit!) Kowalzki BLeS24 Wolf (such a storytelling production awesome! hands down winner this week for me) B-Jam vs Enos Kongchain
  7. BarryStudebaker

    STBB #592 [spaced-out]

    Going spaced out with Missy Elliot and some good ol dubstep wobbles throughout the sample used (of course also had to had missy elliot on it) p.s. just to confirm...NO full acapella used in this one Acapella's used: EV - Good times (the refrain) Missy Elliot - Loose control (one part of the lyrics)
  8. BarryStudebaker

    STBB#590 VOTE

    And the votes are in (indeed quote some votes missing...must be the good weather) 3rd place: although his name might give a different impression but you can only stay awake to the beats of Banizzzzzzz 2nd place: It's the person I have the luck to go everyday to bed withBarry Studebaker and a well deserved kick-ass number 1 spot It's DefMute!! Congrats on the win! Interested in seeing where you ended or if you voted? You can click on the following link: VOTING SHEET
  9. BarryStudebaker

    STBB#590 VOTE

    1. Wolf (incredible story this one is telling, impressive, powerful and just crazy good!) 2. [KSG] (so much going on in this one, that it's hard to notice all the subtle details in one listening!) 3. per.du (I scream, you scream we all scream for icecream, with a bohemian demi sec for the second part of the dopeness!) theGuen, JoaGymShoe, ChillWill1013, Detritus Tabu3, B-Jam vs Enos, wackpacko, DefMute
  10. Congrats! Liking the rules as made me want to minimze the chords feels in this one!
  11. BarryStudebaker

    STBB #588 VOTE

    1. Chillwill1013 2. Supersen 3. Rudenz Wolf Lonius ElvisJC
  12. BarryStudebaker

    STBB #588

  13. BarryStudebaker

    STBB#587 VOTE

    Normally it's easy to come to a top 10, but I had a hard time finding either the dirty or the clean part in most beats. Super nice compositions but >75% just didn't comply to the rules So here with my top 3 ElvisJC Per.du Soul-Jutsu
  14. BarryStudebaker

    STBB #587

    Used the basslines for the guitar part Clean(est) part where the acapella hits (less then one third of the track (incl vocal shots used) Dirty part at the end (Lets get freaky). Reason 9 puliverizing and Scream used for this part with sample provided! Let it blow up your speakers!!
  15. BarryStudebaker

    STBB #586

    This just saved my day! 🙂