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  1. vote

    1. Fredson Jacob (damned amazing composition! incredible incredible incredible!!) 2. KOARAKTOR (like an NBA Streets slowed down anthem. Great stuff!) 3. Hobgoblin beats (Bangin!!) Sam Knockz Huxlay
  2. vote

    Apologies for that Detritus Tabu. You're indeed a loyal voter (as well as great musician). Your vote was counted up in the totals, but indeed forgot to tickmark your name :-(
  3. vote

    Ding ding ding ....the voting has closed. We are entering the 540's and there is a shift in the top 3 power ranking 3. In dutch the following makes sense (well probably not even but still). He is the nature freak of the year he is talking (Bappen) constantly about how naturelle his trees (Bomen)'s naturelle boombap 2. It's only his second battle as for as could be checked in the official beatbattle registers. It tought he was a combination of both having a relaxed mindstate whilest being the egyption sun god...but then I googled and found some japanese AV adult second place it's ZENRA!! 1. Your number 1, put his name behind any word and he points out a likeliness to something. He is the modern more sophisticated's your winner and people champ Es-K! Congrats on the win Es-K STBB Vote Sheet 540's.xlsx
  4. vote

    The song is ended but the melody lingers on… The STBB 539 R.I.P. Komplikated, what a week it was. It has been great seeing everyone putting in so much effort and dedication to make this a memorable week! For this weeks top 3 3. Sam Knockz 2. bugseed. 1. Kowalzki Congrats Kowalzki! p.s. STBB Vote Sheet 539.xlsx
  5. vote

    Butta Slick G.F. Nella MILKS JoaGymShoe Sam Knockz Velvetian Sky David Langenbacher Makkursz Lonius Kowalzki
  6. @scallyhobgoblin i would suggest for you to host this week together with @Nick da Lunatic in memory of Komplikated. Let s make this week count in memory of a fellow STBB-er
  7. vote

    What....what is that??? The voting has ended?? Damned well in that case here are the results for the class of 538 (not to be confused with a dutch radio channel) On spot number 3 ....he is part of the famous dragon ball z bom power slogan...he is dropping them hot and full's KAMEI!! On spot number 2... and that was a close finished with number 2....this man is becoming a hall of fame-er (not sure how to spell that) and is upping his game consistenly...its the man formerly known as the's DONUTPRODUCER!! And this week's number one...he sprinted a way from competition on the last coll and with that give a great intro for the tour de france to start this weekend. He has been fighting spiderman for some years and had a horror movie made after's HOBGOBLINBEATS!! Congrats STBB Vote 538.xlsx
  8. My condolensces and R.I.P. Komplikated!
  9. 3. DonutProducer (your software is one thing...but your creativity and feel for dope beats...damnnneeddd!) 2n!te defMute Dr.Cross slanteyez : | : | : ) 2. Doom Dap x Soul Jutsu x JoaGymshoe (Beats all got soul and the lyrics there's a lot emotion and great story in there, diggin it!) Bearcutta 1. Eraserhead Fuckers (I am sucker for this all out mentality in beats! mental!) Lonius
  10. Happy times ahead but couldn't let a donky kong challenge pass by...still as no voting time this week this is a non-entry. Had lots of fun making this puppy!
  11. What a week...yes what a week it was ...66 entries!! Now... as voted by the professional jury of STBB is your top 3: 3. He's making them with his car, he's making them on the toilette, he's making them to eat. It's him....the DONUTPRODUCER! 2. He was doing the arms moves way before they become legendary viral and subsequently predicted it's downfall.....give it up for DOOM DAP! 1. In convex geometry, a convex set is a subset of an affine space that is closed under convex combinations.[1] More specifically, in a Euclidean space, a convex region is a region where, for every pair of points within the region, every point on the straight line segment that joins the pair of points is also within the region you do the math...and in the meantime applaude for this weeks winner....JULIAN CONVEX!! STBB Vote Sheet.xlsx
  12. DonutProducer ⓢⓦⒼⓦⓂ sam knockz WigMaster [KappNeffect] Doom Dap 1. yellow5ive 2. Hobgoblinbeats elanvital 3. R A S M E N E L i K p.s. jibbers.....that was a shitload of beats to check (also quite some exceeding the 1:30 time cap)
  13. Incredible samples...was hard too start working on this one as all the samples are gems! As it is quite good summer weather here I decided to try and bring that oldschool vinyl hiphop 90s vibe back. cheers!