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  1. And the winner and new Champioooooon offffff the woooorrrrllldddd is KOWALZKI Congrats! Soul-Jutsu 2nd and Lonius coming in 3rd
  2. Kowalski JoaGymShoe Lonius Soul Jutsu Ogi feel the beat MA beats Bearcutta Supafly Artura
  3. One day ....yes one day...I'll not go uptempo on this STBB thing
  4. damned these samples are a pity to start chopping pffff nice ones!
  5. This weeks rundown top 10! Donutproducer 28 Sol Sauvage 27 Tzu Jan 24 Sashimix 20 Barry Studebaker 16 Elanvital 15 Velvetian sky 14 Hobgoblinbeats, CYNG, SebP 11 Congrats Donutproducer on the win!!
  6. _.• βąℓ$ţ¥яɨȼ๏ •._ (that vibe and build up! instant repeat!) Sashimix (happy to see you as a more frequent battle cat on stbb. This one is full of flava!!) Detritus Tabu3 (expected this week would be perfectly matching your style...and you delivered!) JoaGymshoe (those lyrics...damned! like hearing a mirror talk!) Butta Slick (awesome how you revamped a classic!) Sol Sauvage Saint Rock STBB Yellow5ive DonutProducer Elanvital
  7. Congrats Elanvital! Call me a noob but I hadn't heared about Delia Derbyshir. So I learned some new interesting things! This weeks been a real challenge for me, as synths is not my game(basically learning all by entering the STBB challenges). That's why I choose to go Early Rave on this one!!!
  8. Count me in for counting aswell
  9. Wouldnt see it as outsourcing but more as using available technology...would be great if it could be in the header of the topic... managing the whole vote?? It s automatic and realtime...not much too manage..the site posted might not be it but the concept would the 539 vote thread shows..many people support the top 3 voting let s look for the best way to facilitate...p.s.the reposting is awesome and stbbc rules!!
  10. This might be an option to keep the ranked voting that is under discussion How to: Create one account for STBB. Mod or week winner add participants that submitted an entry on thursday. All vote: Vote registers Name and e-mail (just use a fake e-mail but your real name) so we know who voted Worth testing?
  11. Elan Vital Rash-h Sam knockz! Rustee Frequency Soul-Jutsu
  12. Congrats on the win!! Started with sample C but turned back to sample B as those violins in there are hypnotizing! For the bassline used the one provided. p.s. hope to be submitting entries on more regularly from here on out
  13. Those samples are uber nice!! used them all...tried to make it dreamy and ambiant...hope to have succeeded! cheers!
  14. Apologies for the challenging rules and few participations...probably went a bit overboard with the challenge...still...those dropped showed me creativity and beatmakers skills outside of any comfort zone!! Big up!! Congrats on the win 2n!te!!!!
  15. Used is used for me :-). My top 3 stays