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  1. SubBass49

    Member Komplikated passed away rip

    Damn...been a long time since I've battled, but the STMB folks are still like extended family. Rest in peace.
  2. SubBass49


    Was gonna keep this one to myself, but I changed my mind. Too fucking dope not to share. Even the original track stands out as dope...can imagine a beat made from it would be insanely good. Saved as a WAV for your producing enjoyment (pardon the file size)
  3. SubBass49


    Yeah...I'm gonna NEED to hear that, Ed. No maybes, man. I especially like the part where her voice kicks friggin classic...I can just see the leotards & leg warmers...
  4. SubBass49


    Would be cool if ya'll could hear the cut ...not the kind of stuff I work with for production, but I'm sure some of you guys could make magic with it.
  5. SubBass49


    Hahaha...some 1980s Jane Fonda workout shit came on...CLASSIC
  6. SubBass49


    Oh shit...loving this. Recording the tracks that play...first cut has some dope drum samples right off the start!
  7. SubBass49

    Diggers... What WAX did you buy today?

    $1 at a local thrift store. Case in terrible condition, but the record is pristine. So much awesome on this thing...
  8. SubBass49

    Been busy as hell, but there's an up-side

    UPDATE: Been teaching the kid the basic on FL Studio...collabed on a beat that we finished up on Friday. Looking forward to seeing what he can do with it. Also got a local studio that may hook up a deep discount for him to do a few cuts in a pro setting. Anyone interested in tossing down a beat for the project should hit me up with an e-mail ( SubBass49 at yahoo dot com ) Here's a list of sample cuts we're working with if you want to take a crack at one: Night of the wolf- Esperanto Memphis Soul Stew- King Curtis House of the Rising Sun- The Animals Baby, Baby, Baby- Aretha Franklin Suavecito- Malo Love TKO- Teddy Pendergrass The Passenger- Iggy Pop I wanna Be Your Dog- The Stooges Rebel, Rebel- David Bowie Psycho Killer- Talking Heads
  9. SubBass49

    Been busy as hell, but there's an up-side

    Hooked him up with a link to the Beat Battles soundcloud group...hopefully he gets in touch with some of you guys.
  10. SubBass49

    Been busy as hell, but there's an up-side

    Thanks ya'll...he's been getting beat offers from a lot of cats over the past few days. I plan to install FL studio on my classroom computer and give him at least basic lessons on beat making & sampling. Also talked to him about the name change. When I first saw his name and album cover, I thought he was gonna be Nerdcore...he said a change is possible. But yeah...hit him up with beats. He's down for the jazzy stuff over mainstream beats. Glad to see that STMB love in full effect though. Reminds me why I've been a member for so damn long...
  11. SubBass49

    Been busy as hell, but there's an up-side

    Another track to give you a taste of his skills... Food For Thought
  12. SubBass49

    Been busy as hell, but there's an up-side

    Amen to that. I'm planning on having him hook me up with a list of songs he'd like sampled into beats. Kid knows his music, so it should be dope. After that, I plan on recruiting beat-makers who would be willing to chop the tracks and make some dope beats for him. Up front it'd be for no pay, but get in on the ground floor with this kid and who knows where it might end up. Peace.
  13. SubBass49

    Been busy as hell, but there's an up-side

    Seriously though. He's just a broke-ass 17 year old right now, so I don't think he's gonna be able to pay anyone for beats, but I see this as a chance to invest some time in the creation of an emcee we'd actually enjoy listening to (and damn if that ain't worth it in the long run).
  14. So, since I teach high school and have a couple of kids of my own, life has been too damn busy since school started for me to be around here much. I've done pretty much ZERO production work since the school year got up & running. The up-side? Discovered a new emcee talent in one of my classes this year. No joking - this kid has potential to be the real deal. I don't say that lightly, and he's a bit rough around the edges (especially designing his hooks), but his word-play, flow, etc. are the most advanced shit I've heard from a 17 year-old kid EVER. I'm seriously tempted to start trying to throw down some beats for him and hook him up with as many connects as possible. Now I've had kids tell me they rap before, and listened to their demos, and usually they're absolute crap. Too gangster, too fake-hardcore, too amateur, whatever. This kid is the truth though. To illustrate, I've had his mixtape on repeat in my car for more than a week (over cuts by Busta Rhymes, Ab-Soul, Run The Jewels, etc). I don't EVER do that...even with label artists. Anyway, all that said & out of the way, I have asked him for a list of songs he'd like to hear a beat created from. I'm thinking I may try my hand at crafting some beats for him, but also my thoughts turned to the community here because, let's be honest, ya'll are a hugely talented and mostly untapped resource for great production. Anyone interested in getting in on this project (if it happens) should hit me up or respond to this post. Like I said, his hooks need work, but check the verses here and you'll know he's the real deal: