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  1. liveguy

    Ableton Push

    Very much worth it. It does EVERYTHING you would want, plus some more. I just got mine about 5 months ago, still learning it, but the more I work with it, the more I LOVE it. And I'm someone that comes from a MPC background, hella stubborn when it comes to what I use to make beats. I still use my MPC, but I also use ableton/push and every time I use ableton/push combo..I think..."do I really need this MPC anymore?" Blasphemy for me to even think that...'cause I will NEVER give up my MPC..but mannnnn...ableton/push is the business and well worth it.
  2. Pretty dope site that allows you to post up tracks and get feedback (which we all need to grow), but you have to give feedback to get feedback...other cool stuff like beat contests, etc... Many eyes are watching and who knows what you could fall into. Check it out!