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  1. Phaks

    :.STBB#573.Windows of the World.:

    Wow, that looks horrific. Get well soon!
  2. Phaks

    :.STBB#573.Windows of the World.:

    Congrats and thanks for providing such nice samples!
  3. Phaks

    STBB#572 VOTE

    1) elan vital 2) FatVonFree 3) Slick Nick
  4. Phaks

    STBB #572

    This track was quite challenging for me because I was totally out of ideas at the beginning, but I'm kinda happy with the final result. Recorded a few samples on the way to work, but, had to make my own siren in Sytrus.
  5. Phaks

    STBB #571 VOTE

    Nobody? I guess I´ll start then 1) DJ AGENT M (I like how the original sample sounds so peaceful and you turned it into something, that´s so gritty) 2) 5XVT 3) beatCretin
  6. Phaks

    STBB #571

    Sure thing, done.
  7. Phaks

    STBB #571

    Congrats Six! After not making music for a long time, I decided to contribute with my messy track. It´s good to be back! EDIT: I used two synths, but I realized that it might not be allowed after I posted the beat, I hope it doesn´t bother anyone.
  8. Phaks

    STBB #521 VOTE

    Too many great tracks this week! However, my vote goes to: Lonius
  9. Phaks

    STBB#519 VOTE !

    It was very hard for me to pick the "winner" since there was a lot of unique tracks this week. defMute (because I found myself coming back to listen to his beat the most) Honorable mentions: MA Beats | Breakmaster Cylinder | elanvital | Kongchain | samwise ganja the wax martian | Wigmaster and a lot more!
  10. Phaks

    STBB #519

    Wassup yall! Congratz to BMC for the win. I was struggling a lil bit with the samples, but it ended how it ended. Recorded my own vocal samples for this one.
  11. Phaks

    STBB #518 VOTE

    tristaño per.du Soul-Jutsu Doom Dap
  12. Phaks

    STBB #518 Female Rap Special

    Hey guys :), this is my first entry. I really enjoyed flipping this one - sweet samples! Queen Latifah has done the vocals for this one. Cheers, Phaks