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    New Fluent! Sort of.....

    Appreciate that man! First 2 Llama albums I produced came out in 2007. Myspace certified since 2005. Crazy how time flies.
  2. fluent

    New Fluent! Sort of.....

    Thanks g
  3. fluent

    New Fluent! Sort of.....

    joust1! Shoot. From back in the day. Peace kid! Thanks to both of you for the shouts. I also have a lot of brand new stuff coming. Some with artists I've never worked with before, new artists, artists you know and more. Also planning to drop a couple new Green Llama Tapes on the 1st of every month. So far there's several in the catalog but you have to purchase a GLT album to get the catalog. Lots of those albums and beat tapes are brand new. And some of those tracks and albums on the Bandcamp are new too, not just technically new but featuring music I've made recently. Looking at the Bandcamp now it's kind of confusing. But things like Butterscotch Blends, Alternate History and the remixes marked as 2017 have new music I've made on them. Lots of exciting stuff happening so stay tuned for the ride yo.
  4. fluent

    Fluent.. Green Llama .. etc.

    When it comes to this shit right here there's only one..
  5. fluent

    Fluent.. Green Llama .. etc.

    Ay. I heard some of you were curious if I have been making new music over the years. Been on a 5+ year hiatus but I've gotten back to it lately. Been posting some stuff. Peep: www.jethrodumont.bandcamp.com & www.soundcloud.com/jethrodumont.com Just released The Antique Beats yesterday actually. Instrumentals to City Slick - The Antique Black, one of our first albums from back in the day. Lots more to come, so I'd suggest following me and all that. Peace. - Flu
  6. fluent

    Madlib- SPETO DA RUA mix

    mental note - I'm selling the next mix I make carry on
  7. fluent

    Hey Stones Throw! How about makig some damn RAP MUSIC???

    the fluent/madlib collaboration would be dope flulib madflu