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  1. solinox

    STBB #475 VOTE

    Okay i forgot about the time limit, so imma vote for HUNGRYM4N sorry for that guys
  2. solinox

    STBB #475 VOTE

    My vote goes to HUXLAY with his song Septico. Lots of good beats though!
  3. solinox

    STBB #475

    First beat battle, had a lot of fun, heres my beat!
  4. solinox

    Song Construction

    Been making a decent amount of sampled beats, I shied away from samples before but now its all ive been working with and some of the beats I have been making have just been a nice loop from a sample and a drum break and Id use effects to manipulate the sample and that was pretty much the beat. Is this to basic of a song? Or if it sounds good, then thats all that matters and I shouldnt overthink? much appreciated
  5. solinox

    Your Favorite Time to Work on Music?

    Early in the morning or late at night, Im lazy during the day. When its a school day since I have school, I work in my free periods.
  6. solinox

    Should I get a sp-404?

    Hm, looks like an interesting plugin
  7. solinox

    Should I get a sp-404?

    Hey guys, I have been considering it for a while and i really like the portability aspect but I don't know if I should. Im low on cash and for me, ableton is pretty great with in terms of capabilities but I would love some hardware and the sound on the sp-404 is pretty unique in my opinion.