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  1. avervge

    Odd Mojo (MILK$ Remix)

    Appreciate it! We're gonna make our way back to the beat battles soon too. Been listening on SC and have heard some fire submissions.
  2. avervge

    Odd Mojo (MILK$ Remix)

    What's up! We collaborated with fellow D.C. rapper Odd Mojo for an official remix released yesterday. You might recognize Odd Mojo from her recent remix with ST's Gabriel Garzón-Montano. Check it out below and let us know what you think! We switched it up drastically from the original song, for example the vocals hit on a different beat and we made it more DJ friendly. Plus we added a Go-go outro paying homage to DC's roots and XIB's "Chop Train". If you dig, be sure to check out the rest of our SC and hit us up if you want to build! Peace. Odd Mojo - 10ATD (MILK$ Remix)
  3. avervge

    STBB #542

    late w/ the submission I know... but we made one so we might as well share it:
  4. sorry for your loss. feel free to use our beat for the CD if you please. Let me know and I'll send an MP3. 



  5. avervge

    STBB #539 VOTE

    1. bugseed - mindless 2. David Langenbacher (that guitar solo!!) 3. Sean Gillespie enjoyed contributing to the battle and blessings to Komplikated.
  6. avervge

    STBB #539 Dedicated to KOMPLIKATED

    our first contribution to the stbb's... RIP Komplikated
  7. avervge

    STBB #538 VOTE

    1. DonutProducer 2. 2nite 3. JoaGymshoe
  8. avervge

    STBB #538

    damn! I always check this thread on the wrong day... these samples are too smooth! I'll be here for the next one.
  9. whats up yall! Hip Hop group from Washington DC released our sophomore EP last Friday '$IDE A'. The EP plays as one continuous track and is available on cassette tape or digital download. I would describe the EP as 1/2 hip hop, 1/3 instrumental, and some R&B/soul. If you're in the DC area, our live set is played with a jazz trio, so find us online and come check out a show! Choose your favorite platform: Soundcloud Bandcamp (cassettes) More about us: Local Music You Should Be Listening To And finally... our debut album from last year: ZODIAC $INES Feedback always welcome! Peace.
  10. avervge

    Diggers... What WAX did you buy today?

    Found three Black Jazz records in Richmond, VA: Walter Bishop Jr - Coral Keys Walter Bishop Jr's 4th Cycle - Keeper of my soul Doug Carn - spirit of the new land