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  1. Balstyrico

    STBB#597 VOTE

    Great entries. And 39 submissions? That's pretty good. Thanks for all the friendly comments and votes. #1 CHiLLWiLL1013 #2 Brotha #3 l o k a l rayeem leeps, gait, kongchain, brogrimm, WigMaster
  2. Balstyrico

    STBB#589 VOTE

    #1 Koaraktor #2 Soul-Jutsu #3 Fla.
  3. Balstyrico

    STBB #589

  4. Balstyrico

    STBB #585-confused john travola week

    Why does the rules always have to be so hard to understand!? I swear, the last 100 battles or so its some cryptic ass shit. No outside anything - except instruments? What the fuck? Explain yourself! So if I play on a midi keyboard using vsts, whats that? If I play an MPC and record, whats that? If I take a one tone sample from the sample chosen and map it out and play with on midikeyboard, whats that? Is your rule actually no outside samples or what?
  5. Balstyrico

    STBB #584 VOTE

    #1 theDGTL # 2 Wigmaster # 3 Huxlay
  6. Balstyrico

    STBB #580 VOTE

    hobgoblinbeats Lonius BLeS24
  7. Balstyrico

    STBB #580 VOTE

    There's a couple of non entries being reposted - are they voteable anyways?
  8. Balstyrico

    STBB #580

    I hate those choral samples. I hate them so much.
  9. Balstyrico

    STBB#552 VOTE

    Nice submissions this time around. #1 - CHiLLWiLL1013 #2 - FatVonFree #3 - trakmakesdabeats Honorable mentions: Kongchain SovietVillain JoeGymshoe MA beats Per.du ?N!T?
  10. Balstyrico

    STBB# 552

    just a little fuck music
  11. Balstyrico

    STBB #548 VOTE

    3. rebsumann3rs 2. bleep 1. hungryman