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  1. Whats the difference if you play a "real" piano vs playing through a midi keyboard?
  2. Pretty tricky we should include stbb532 in the title of stbb533.
  3. cascasette - dope ass vibe, mix could be tightened a bit imo 3) Lakewood - dig the vibe and funky bas CYNG - dope ass drums and bas. Sashimix - great work, dude. Barry Studebaker - great work as well. Butta Slick - Dig this vibe 2) 2nite - almost used the same sample, great drum + bas work Props to all actually making something a little electronica inspired. Vote goes to 1) 𐌂𐍅ηᎶ
  4. This thread tho...
  5. Cut we cut a little back on the amount of samples and just keep it to 1 in the future or are everyone cool with how it is? It would be more of a beat battle then imo. Just a thought. EDIT: I mean 1 music track - if people want to include a special drumkit to be used or anything I'm totally cool with that.
  6. Soul-jutsu and saadyah gets my vote
  7. Teamed up with jules nathanael
  8. Here's a draft if any rapper/singer/whatever wanna play...
  9. Any rapper in here wanna team up?
  10. Souljutsu reminded me of good ol' Norman B. Cook Sean Gillespie get a internet hi5 for DnB Scottie Royal's is groovy af and gets my vote this week.
  11. Soul-Jutsu