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  1. dont_quixote

    STBB #604 VOTE

  2. dont_quixote

    STBB #604 VOTE

    What a round! mind blowing entries... MaSsIvE ReSpEcT 2 aLL Loved the rules and sample packs too :] 1. Bleep 2. LinkRust 3. Julian Convex PeAcE โœŒ๏ธ
  3. dont_quixote

    STBB #604 [Lush]

    All made of the given samples, only kick and bass added from another source ;] PeAcE!
  4. dont_quixote

    STBB #602 VOTE

    ohhhh c'mon BrUh! Don't Give Up!!! Quit negative thinking not music. Just make beats, love it, get inspired, learn, have fun, forget about plays and likes and EnJoY ThE ProCeSs. I'm pretty sure that PrOgReSs WiLL FoLLoW... BTW I haven't got a single vote ๐Ÿ˜œand damnnn i'm not gonna quit because of that. Good Luck, PeAcE ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  5. dont_quixote

    STBB #602 VOTE

  6. dont_quixote

    STBB #602 VOTE

    It Was SuperHard To Pick 3 out of sooooo many gooodies... MaSsIvE ReSpEcT tO aLL Of You! PeAcE! ๐Ÿ˜Ž 1. theGuen 2. Rockusnewera 3. Bleep
  7. dont_quixote

    STBB #602

    didn't have time for proper mix/master so excuse low volume and just bring it up a little bit ;D PeAcE
  8. dont_quixote

    STBB #598 VOTE

  9. dont_quixote

    STBB #598 VOTE

    1. KOKOSOVYJ MATRAS 2. FatVonFree 3. Lonius It wasn't an easy choice, many good entries. Respect to all participants. PeAcE
  10. dont_quixote

    STBB #598

    Didn't have much time, anyway... here's my rough draft entry ;] PeAcE
  11. dont_quixote

    STBB#502 : EARWORM WEEK aka Make a Hit Song

    just quick question... can you precise if we should use at least 1 from each sample pack or just 1 from each sample pack? thx
  12. dont_quixote

    STBB #472

    Congrats on win Ymsay Very cool source for sampling and even better topic... LeTs SpReAd SoMe LoVe! PeAcE
  13. dont_quixote

    STBB #471 VOTEzzz

    Many great entries.... CoNgRaTs To EvErYoNe oF YoU My Choice Is: Seize Beats x JoaGymshoe
  14. dont_quixote

    STBB 471

    Thx Bro Glad I joined, ThiS PlacE RocK! Very inspiring, Sooo many awesome entries....