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  1. The Wig Master

    STBB #602 VOTE

    3. defMute 2. B-Jam vs Enos 1. FatVon was gonna give the win to b-jam but the outro part on fat von's beat was too good
  2. The Wig Master

    STBB #602

  3. The Wig Master

    STBB #600 VOTE

    1. fat von 2. kowalzki 3. kokosovyj matras 4. elan vital
  4. The Wig Master


  5. The Wig Master

    STBB #599 VOTE

    3. b-jam vs enos 2. swoop man 1. defmute
  6. The Wig Master

    STBB 599 Dark Trip Hop

  7. The Wig Master

    STBB #598 VOTE

    yo von my track was a late entry my bad (changed it in the title now). if you wanna throw out another third place vote...thanks though
  8. The Wig Master

    STBB #598 VOTE

    5. lonius 4. some1 aka p1 3. swoop man 2. b-jam vs enos 1. fat vonson
  9. The Wig Master

    STBB #598

    my bad, g--missed that part. thanks
  10. The Wig Master

    STBB #598

    listed as late entry in the genre box on Soundcloud
  11. The Wig Master

    STBB #598

    hahaha! uh-oh....!!
  12. The Wig Master

    STBB #598

    more of a southern US thing but in the early 90s people in in the northeast were listening too. check out the white album its got heat especially stuff like 'cry baby cry'. bands have based their entire careers off songs from that album.
  13. The Wig Master

    STBB #598

    country singer in the early 90s he was one of the biggest music acts in the world. hits were 'friends in low places' & 'the thunder rolls'. he's sold more albums than Elvis and only the Beatles have more total album sales.
  14. The Wig Master

    STBB #598

    haha my bad. just edited it with the gif properly enbedded. garth brooks 'I REALLY like that' meme. if you don't know the Facebook video its from check it out its hilarious:
  15. The Wig Master

    STBB #598

    pretty unique rule--'at least four chops'--very specific. don't remember ever having a rule like that. think von will be pleased