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  1. Roland TR-08/SH01A/SE02/SP404A

    what do you mean? I just confirmed what you said. On my first post I said that i would be useless if the sound was exactly the same as the previously one, which you denied, then I said, ok then, it's no useless. please read what I said and what you quoted.
  2. Roland TR-08/SH01A/SE02/SP404A

    well if it's not the same sound as the tr-8 then it's definintely not useless.
  3. Roland TR-08/SH01A/SE02/SP404A

    TR-08: is this the same sound of the tr-8? if it is, then this is useless SH-01: I didn't see any demo where the person compare to the original, and it doesn't sound much like it, but it's cool anyway SE-02: studio electronics > roland, so yeah, this collab is fire. Sp404A: isn't this the exact same thing as the sp404sx but with a more modern look? I wish they included the audio interface that ALL OTHER AIRA HAVE, but...yeah, I really want a sp404sx, if I don't find one used, this one might be the way to go now.