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  1. kamei

    STBB#572 VOTE

    1. FatVonFree 2. Bleep 3. Enzoeyeris
  2. kamei

    STBB #572

    long time I don't participate in a beat battle but hey i'm still alive
  3. kamei

    The Death of Soundcloud

    I wanted to pay for soundcloud pro unlimited.... now it's definitely the worse time for that
  4. kamei

    STBB #538 VOTE

    1. LeftBoi 2. the ambassador beatz 3. WigMaster but shout out to the ones I loved: [KappNeffect], Don hb, butta slick, wackpaco, Hobgoblin, battlejoints., 2 n i t e, elvisJC, l i f, SiM x JoaGymshoe, valescu beats, Supafly Arturo, per.du, naturelle.boombap, MINK-C, EDNA, Kowalzki, Lakewood, levi tretschinken (love this one, juke style), brainsick beats, ffolliott.
  5. kamei

    STBB #538

    hey it's been a long time since I don't participate on the beat battles. it's only posting here now?
  6. kamei

    DAW Discussion

    I'll give it a try, thanks a lot man. Well, I actually use only Logic right now, but I started out in FL. I used FL in a terrible computer, when I switched, I bought a macbook, so no FL for me, got used to Logic instead, but still have lots of love for FL. And even though I got used to Logic and I can produce anything with Logic, I went to a dude's house while he was producing on FL Studio to help him out with some stuff and damn...I'm still faster producing on FL, after all those years. I still love that piano roll more.
  7. kamei

    DAW Discussion

    Sierra? ewwwww... (just kidding) I tried using the FL Studio mac or even FL Studio windows with wine or some others apps. but anyway, you installed windows 10 using boot camp or just parallels? I've been thinking about that but I'm not sure yet...
  8. kamei

    dySTBBia 501 VOTE

    My favorite joint this week was from B-Dog and yellow5ive but gotta give some shout outs to Saint Rock, 2nite, FatVonFree, WigMaster, Billinski, Kris Van Huystee. Those tracks were lit as well.
  9. kamei

    DAW Discussion

    I love Logic and I love FL Studio. Which is sad because there is no Logic for windows and no FL for mac, so I can't have both on the same operational system. Ableton is cool too, but never got used to making tracks with it, I don't like it's layout much.
  10. kamei


    I didn't do any mastering 'cause some plugins are not working correctly since I updated to mac osx sierra, then restored an old backup with time machine. I did a more agressive approach to dystopia, I'd say more like action-dystopia, action scenes of a dystopian movie hahaha but anyway, here it is:
  11. kamei

    STBB #492 VOTE

    My favorite beats: saadyah tzvi ma├čmatazz 5XVT SilverSounds (this was dope, juke/footwork feelings) KOARAKTOR KongChain Sean Gillespie THE HOME OF DOPE BEATS Lonius Scottie Royal Cubscout Records Eraserhead Fuckers (This was unexpected but dope) 574X (really liked this one) My vote goes to per.du
  12. kamei

    STBB#492 Funky Week

    tried to do some nu funk or something posted on my second sc account, no space on my main one. Used 2 of the provided samples.
  13. kamei


    I didn't saw that two sample packs were posted so I only used one of them but no outside anything, drums are chopped from the sample pack. I also posted on my other soundcloud account because the main one is lacking time, and I don't have money to buy sc pro.
  14. kamei

    STBB 479

    Great samples man! Here's my entry https://soundcloud.com/lucaskamei/stbb479-from-balrog-to-lebanon
  15. kamei

    making beats with the electribe

    I have an electribe esx-1 I really really like to make stuff with it, more than I do with the MPC 1000. BUT, it's way more limited than the mpc on options. It's great for some type of beats, specially more electronic kind of vibe, but for "out of the tempo" type of beats, mpc all the way.