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  1. STBB#563

    I worked something from every sample into the mix, and didn't end up adding any outside samples or instruments. enjoy!
  2. STBB #561 VOTE

    1. Mike-a-veli + Joa 2. Detrius + Joa 3. DAJAMAH
  3. STBB #561

    You sure you're not super early for week 601? Nice track either way
  4. STBB #561

    Here's a Soul-Jutsu track that I contributed to. He sent me a basic beat and then chopped up some guitar and vocals that I sent back. I did the final mix/master. Hope you like how it came out. Enjoy!
  5. STBB #561

    Here's a track from Samwise and myself. He did most of the creative work here. I added a little bass and guitar and did the final mix. enjoy!
  6. STBB #561

    I have one collab planned, but I was a part of two last year, and I'd be thrilled to add to something of yours! send me anything when you can, and I'm sure I can have something back right away.
  7. STBB #561

    I'd love to add to someone's project. I can add guitar, bass and/or vocals. This would be my third year taking part in this collab week, and it would be a sincere pleasure. Send a started track or whatever to otayyo at hotmail dot com and I'll send something back asap! PEACE!
  8. STBB #555 VOTE

    some great entries this week!!! 1st- MA Beats 2nd- SWOOP-MAN 3rd- l i f shoutout to jstro and defMute for rounding out my top five!