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  1. STBB#574 VOTE

    3.kongchain 2.voxmonkey 1.GoodFNeLla honorable mentions: JoaGymshoe x beatCretin, C. Syd Rafferty, theGuen, Lonius, and WigMaster
  2. STBB #574

  3. STBB#568 VOTE

    Holy crap there were so many great flips this week. Loved the variety of approaches and sample selections especially... great work y'all!!!!!!!!!1! It was a hard choice, but here are my top three with some honorables below. take care! 1.Pete Range 2.Soul-Jutsu 3.defMute/Banizz Lonius /// CASCASSETTE /// PBB /// elanvital /// enzo eyeris /// fatvonfree /// GoodFNeLla /// Supafly Arturro /// HUNGRYMAN /// Saint Rock
  4. STBB#568

    yo yo yo! Had some fun with this one. I grabbed and manipulated some loops from one of the samples and added live bass, vocals, some drum stuff and a Mary J Blige vocal chop. Feedback and constructive criticism is always appreciated! PEACE!
  5. STBB#567 VOTE

    1.Kris van Huystee 2.defMute 3.Banizzz Honorable mentions: Lonius & GoodFNeLla
  6. STBB#567

    Another fun week! Shout out to defMute for the win and dope sample selection! I used a bit from each track and didn't use anything in addition to the provided samples. Enjoy!
  7. STBB#566 VOTE

    1G.F.Nella 2BlueEar 3Soul-jutsu hon. mentions: Pete Range & Sol Sauvage
  8. STBB#566

    First up, huge congratulations to l o k a l for a well deserved win. Here's my entry for the week. I built on a loop which I played in left, right and stereo, and added some live bass, and a little guitar (which I reversed). There's a bunch of percussion samples and a little Mary J Blige vocal chop to round things out. Please enjoy!
  9. STBB #565 VOTE

    1. BlueEar 2. l o k a l 3. d . c . Honorable mentions to defMute and kautzallainen It wouldn't let me listen to the JoaGymshoe track. I'm in Canada, and use a VPN, but I couldn't find the track looking on my phone.
  10. STBB #565

    Yo Yo! Happy New Years to y'all! I went a little crazy on this one. If I had more time I'd probably mess with the mix a bit more, but I'm happy with what I came up with. I just messed with a loop and added some drum and some dirty bass. Enjoy!
  11. STBB #565

    I've never once
  12. STBB#563 VOTE

    kudos to everyone who joined in this week... the beats were all fantastic! My votes go for my favs that embraced the experimental. 1. tretschinken 2. CHiLLWiLL1013 3. FatVonFree Merry Christmas and all that good stuff!
  13. STBB#563

    I worked something from every sample into the mix, and didn't end up adding any outside samples or instruments. enjoy!
  14. STBB #561 VOTE

    1. Mike-a-veli + Joa 2. Detrius + Joa 3. DAJAMAH
  15. STBB #561

    You sure you're not super early for week 601? Nice track either way