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  1. legend RIP congrats DP ill samples and theme!
  2. 1. Sashimix 2. JG x SJ x DD 3.dtunez
  3. grats convex!
  4. 1. Shift 2. Julian Convex 3. FatVonFree wish i could comment on every track life too fuckin busy there was a lot of dope shit this week !!
  5. congrats SiM! them samps was fun yo
  6. 3. SiM 2. slanteyez 1. brainsick beats
  7. congrats sam well deserved! fun samples, everything here is from only them including the drums with the exception of the lil pella verse
  8. Congrats K! use only 2 out of 3 or may we use all 3 samples?
  9. 1. Kowalski 2. DonutProducer 3. Lonius
  10. congrats donutproducer! some last minute flips here
  11. 3. Sol Sauvage 2. DonutProducer 1. SEbP
  12. congrats elanvital ! used a & b n some other stuffs
  13. setta
  14. congratulations! non entry i couldn't help but flip a few of those
  15. congratulations SS and DD had fun making this one, used that site for some static played electric guitar sang chopped a lot whoops a bit too long