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  1. Congrats K! use only 2 out of 3 or may we use all 3 samples?
  2. 1. Kowalski 2. DonutProducer 3. Lonius
  3. congrats donutproducer! some last minute flips here
  4. 3. Sol Sauvage 2. DonutProducer 1. SEbP
  5. congrats elanvital ! used a & b n some other stuffs
  6. setta
  7. congratulations! non entry i couldn't help but flip a few of those
  8. congratulations SS and DD had fun making this one, used that site for some static played electric guitar sang chopped a lot whoops a bit too long
  9. JoaGymshoe Ft. B.O.R elanvital Kongchain 5XVT hb defMute Phaks
  10. luv these rules and samples BMC congratulations!
  11. KONGCHAIN was a hard choice too many gems
  12. i know this ones been sampled quite a few times before but ive always wanted to flip it myself