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  1. LeftBoi

    STBB #602

    Back for round 3
  2. LeftBoi

    STBB #601 - Japan, optional extreme-production rule

    i heard DJ Cut-EFX stbb and i had to hop back on enjoy
  3. LeftBoi


    Congrats on the win fellas this one was a tough one but i manage to do it
  4. LeftBoi

    STBB #598

    im back in the game https://soundcloud.com/leftboi/stbb-598sneaky
  5. LeftBoi

    STBB #561

    Really had fun making this one and had to do it to rep my city
  6. LeftBoi

    STBB# 552

  7. LeftBoi

    STBB# 543 - Sound Sculpting Week

    Congrats on the win i made all the synths/pad
  8. LeftBoi

    STBB #540

    This one was fun to make great samples throughout
  9. LeftBoi

    STBB #538

    Back making beats
  10. LeftBoi

    STBB 508

    New One
  11. LeftBoi

    STBB 506 - Bubble Bath

    Not relaxed this week but here ya go
  12. LeftBoi

    STBB # 503: The Prize Fight Week

    This one got corrupted but i still got some of it
  13. LeftBoi

    STBB 500

    Beautiful samples this week but here's mine enjoy
  14. LeftBoi

    STBB 496 - B.R.

    Here's mine hope yall like