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  1. noguano

    STBB #571

    downloaded the sounds, hopefully will do my first battle in a year this week, peace kids
  2. noguano

    STBB#519 VOTE !

    couchlocker 2n!te defMute hb vote
  3. noguano

    STBB #519

    Didn't make much of a trap beat but i spent a lot of time on this so i'll post anyway
  4. noguano

    STBB #513

    So many good samples I had a hard time even getting anything done for a while there. Here's my beat, hope you all enjoy.
  5. noguano

    STBB #512 VOTE

    5. Graftaq 4. Evanvital 3. Michael Michaelson 2. Sol Sauvage 1. Lonius
  6. noguano

    STBB 512 - Optimism / Pessimism week

    Had two beats made but ended up going with this one. Hope you guys dig it.
  7. noguano

    STBB#511 VOTE

    Vote goes to Lonius (crazy beat overall), with mad shoutouts to MichaelMichaelson (wicked lofi style), Couchlocker (fuckin' fire drums), and pyrâ–½mids (again, super dope beat overall)
  8. noguano


    Made it just in time. First battle in a long while, hope you guys enjoy.
  9. noguano

    Best of 2015

    My album of the year is Chester Watson's Summer Mirage
  10. noguano

    STBB 458 VOTE

    Givin' it to Ogi feel the Beat. I definitely felt it.
  11. noguano

    STBB #458

    Such good samples, very well selected. I also recorded myself messing around with a McDonald's cup for this one. I hope goodness is in store from the rest of you.
  12. noguano

    STBB #458

    Drum breaks=outside drums no question
  13. noguano

    STBB #457 VOTE

    I really liked both of Kamei's tracks, but i've gotta vote for Sol Sauvage Loot Tester and Anwan. Pure heat.
  14. noguano

    STBB 457

    Props to Lynch, he made this way doper than it used to be
  15. noguano

    STBB 457

    If anyone wants to team up, message me on soundcloud or the email listed
  16. noguano

    STBB # 452 # VOTE

    shouts out to: Mr Rozz irCasim [evn_tho u sound lyk knx.] Supafly Arturo Hobgoblinbeats (illest remix I've heard in a while) Keith's Lard Vote goes to gis_sweden
  17. noguano

    STBB 452 WGW (We Got it in Nature)

    Got some owl hooting, water drop snares, breaking stick hi-hats, leaf rustling, slapped some stones for the kicks, and while I was out recorded some wind chimes too. Peace.
  18. noguano

    Song in Stones Throw Podcast #92 MNDSGN

    nice profile pic
  19. noguano

    STBB # 451 # VOTE

    I vote for Run Run Rawwwwwwwwwwwww
  20. noguano


    Saw the sequel mentioned, but I watched The Raid: Redemption while I was dabbed out yesterday and it was a damn good experience. It's also got probably the craziest fight scene I've yet seen.
  21. noguano

    STBB #451 "No Drums"

    First post what's good?