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  1. Supafly Arturro

    STBB#568 VOTE

    1. Soul Jutsu 2.HUNGRYM4N 3. SFT
  2. Supafly Arturro


    blurgh ran outta time
  3. Supafly Arturro


    I have a couple of beat-makers who I really like who do a lot of remixes of anime OSTs, so this is cool. I gotta get my hands on some anime OSTs, I don't have enough of those.
  4. Supafly Arturro

    STBB#567 VOTE

    OKAY I COUNTED THE VOTES This was confusing to count though because half of y'all voted for people whose entries were marked as non-entries or were late or whatever, so I guess we all decided we were going to be a little more lax with the rules this week? I'm not complaining, I'm just letting everybody know my methods when counting. ANYWAY THE WINNER IS THE DELI Don't trust me? Here's the vote sheet!
  5. Supafly Arturro

    XTBB #564 VOTE

    slanteyez FatVonFree JoaGymshoe
  6. Supafly Arturro

    STBB behind the beat/Weekly winner interview

    Same, they really are the most versatile songs to sample
  7. Supafly Arturro

    STBB#563 VOTE

    1. FatVonFree 2. DMT Crew 3. Kowalski I made a beat for the week but ended up not liking it and I've reached the time limit on my Soundcloud so I didn't get around to submitting it. Here's to next week!
  8. Supafly Arturro

    STBB#563 VOTE

    Wait aren't we a lil early?
  9. Supafly Arturro

    STBB behind the beat/Weekly winner interview

    1. Wanna tell us something about yourself? I'm a Philadelphia resident who grew up in the mountains north of it. I moved to Philly when I went to college for Illustration. My portfolio site is I used to spell my musician name as "Arturro" because I thought the misspelling would make it easier to Google, but I decided to give that up after I had already been on 3 separate Bandcamp album thingies and signed up for this site to do the beat battles. Whoops! 2. How did you make use of the sample? I took a part with some nice horns I could sample in some way, and then I dropped the right channel and made the left track Mono because that effectively took the drums out of the sample, giving me a much easier time messing with it and making use of the horns how I wanted. For the parts where it gets all metal-sounding, I sped the track up double time and put a resonator on the sample and just kinda messed around with the settings til I got something I liked. I wish I had EQ'd the higher pitches on the metal down. 3. How did you incorporate the rules? I faked a little DJ intro and outro as well as an interview where I ask myself a question. 4. How did you go about making the drums and drum programming? I have no creative capacity when it comes to drum patterns or anything like that so I gave something a shot and tried a drum look where the drums were super overblown but it sounded awful (naturally) and I almost gave up, but then I just tried a simple drum track and it worked when I finally found a snare I liked. That was pretty much it, like I said, I have no creative capacity for drums. 5. What DAW and or equipment did you use? I use Ableton Live with a couple vsts and a MIDI keyboard (with a broken power supply at the moment) and a guitar (that I need to buy an interface for so I can plug it into my computer). 6. Anything else you wanna add? I press buttons and sounds come out
  10. Supafly Arturro

    STBB #562 VOTE

    Oh my gosh I won? I always knew I would win on a technicality! Thanks folks!
  11. Supafly Arturro

    STBB #562 VOTE

    Hey there guys! Low turnout this week, both in entries and votes. So, going by pure votes, technically Langa Lunts won this week, but they haven't voted yet, so by technicality, it's a tie between PinataMan.Records and Supafly Arturo I'll be sure to send a private message to both of them letting them know that they won. Alrighty then! Here's the spreadsheet with the results:
  12. Supafly Arturro

    STBB #562 VOTE

    1.GFNella 2.CHiLLWiLL 3.KappNeffect
  13. Supafly Arturro

    STBB #562 Radio

  14. Supafly Arturro

    STBB #560 VOTE

    Actually my totals are coming up differently. Let me know if this looks right to you.