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  1. Ay, solid samples here!
  2. AUGH whoops he totally did vote so the winner is SAM KNOCKZ COME ON DOOOOWWNNNNN EDIT::: Forgot to do a rundown of the vote counts so here that is now: Sam Knocks took it home with 43 points DonutProducer came second with 30 points Kowalzki hit third with 22 points Doomdap with 17 points 2nite with 16 points HUNGRYM4N 11 points Lakewood 10 points wigmaster 4 points buttaslick, MINK-C, Sam Handwich 3 points Slam53, yellow5ive, resubmann3rs 1 point Here's the spreadsheet if anybody wants to see a breakdown with votes
  3. 1. kowalski 2. OLOS 3. soul jutsu
  4. Hahaha Hideyuki I didn't mean for my title to be thematically similar to yours
  5. bleh
  6. What if we made a rule that says "Make a fresh new song using the provided sample(s)" or something along those lines Not trying to act like the discussion is the end of the world, I just would rather we were all on the same page when it comes to these for maximum fairness
  7. I think it definitely goes against the spirit of the beat battles to have the song made in advance and just throw in a sample afterwards so it fits the rules. If this were about showcasing songs we made a while ago then this would be the "Weekly Song Spotlight" instead of a weekly "Beat Battle". If the sample isn't at least informing the song and what ends up getting made, then what's the point of having the samples in the first place? What's the point of having the special rules each week if the song was made weeks, months, years in advance? What's the point of having a deadline for each week if the song was made before the competition started? If you're making the song over a longer period of time well in advance, it just seems to go against the purpose of having this "battle", especially if your song has had months of polish and others have been whipped up in 3 days. I usually get mine done in an afternoon, and I'm going up against a song somebody's been workshopping for weeks? Seems a lil skewed, is all These beat battles started out in the very beginning with entries not being allowed to use anything BUT the samples provided, which means the way this competition was from the beginning meant that you had to make the song that week.
  8. Shit I would have helped count this week's as well but I got myself mixed up and forgot that it was ending last night. My bad!
  9. Yeah, as mentioned in the other thread, I'm willing to help out with the vote count now that I'm back in the game. I can't promise I will be able to do final tally considering that concludes 3AM for me, but often I am up that late, and if I am I'll do the final tally and stuff. I think our best bet is to have a Google Doc with 5XVT's template that people who are trustworthy and have accepted the duty as vote counters have access to. If that's the route we go then we should have a box somewhere that includes what post number in the voting thread the votes have been tallied up to so far. That way somebody could see that, say, up to post 14 has been tallied, but there are 21 posts in the thread, so they can update the numbers then real quick. I dunno how we go about informing the winners and how threads and all that stuff get set up but I'm willing to learn so I can do my part if I'm ever in the position to. Pen and pencil work alright as well.
  10. I also enjoyed the 1st, 2nd, 3rd voting system despite my not thinking I would at first, but I understand why it made things harder. I saw somebody posted the Excel Sheet/Google Doc they had done the tallying on in a previous thread which looked like a simple enough way of handling it. If it came down to not enough volunteers I wouldn't mind throwing my hat in to keep the system going. Can't promise I'd be able to do it ALL the time but one more person helping out would make things easier I'm sure
  11. Word. I'll vote 1st 2nd and 3rd in this thread just because that's already been going for the last few votes but good to know. It was a good experiment, glad we gave it a shot. 1. KappNeffect 2. RAS-H 3. 2 n i t e
  12. No worries, accidents happen
  13. Hey, I'm seeing pretty much every track but mine has been reposted to the STBB group. Just wanting to make sure mine gets put up before the vote goes down
  14. So just to be clear, are you saying if I pick Sample A, I cannot use Samples B or C?