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  1. Tha Doctor

    Instrumentals and Beats

    What up yo So, I was mindblown diggin on youtube of some famous songs instrumentals, saw that jay-z joint "show me what u got" and that shit is knocking, like Just Blaze is a genius, that's a format that not many people are familiar, but have u ever tought of, like, Just Blaze, Neptunes, Kanye, Timbaland, Mannie Fresh, Metro Boomin, those famous niggas, and they got shit knocking too, just on the instrumentals. So what are your favorite beats? It can be anyone, just post some instrumentals and lets blaze out Cheers, yo!
  2. Tha Doctor

    Find a song

    Oh shit!!!! you found it you're the greatest dude thanks
  3. Tha Doctor

    Find a song

    Whaddup Yo' so I was listening this rhyme battle here in brazil and got this beat, I think is some is Slum Village shit, but don't remember what it is, somebody help me? starts at 01:00
  4. Tha Doctor


    Sup folks So, been diggin to make some remix, where ya'll dudes get some nice acapellas? You know, that raw ghetto style, maybe some freestyles, some 2000's dirty south so where yall get it? I usually use acapellas4u
  5. Tha Doctor

    STBB #487

    dont matter bro, got crappy equipment man, it's just for the fun or maybe sent me just 2 or 3 samples sent me at : cheers bro
  6. Tha Doctor

    STBB #487

    Yo peace brothers, my internet shitty as fuck, so somebody could upload the samples on some light format? cheers brotendo's
  7. Tha Doctor

    STBB449 - Cookin'
  8. Tha Doctor

    STBB#445 ''Making it easy!'' yo, my man, could teel me who is it on the first sample? luv that joint, shit is crazy
  9. Tha Doctor

    STBB 443 VOTE

    RAS - H
  10. Tha Doctor

  11. Tha Doctor

    STBB 440 (off the grid)
  12. Tha Doctor

    STBB 439 (Out)
  13. Tha Doctor

    STBB#436 - Beatbattle<->Battlebeats