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  1. BuddahKillah

    STBB #583 VOTE

    Yo fellas! Thank you for the votes and peace to everybody who contributed this week. I really hope this community lives on, on this site or a new one. Unfortunately I can't compete this week, but I already talked to per.du if he can host the new battle by himself. Thanks again and keep on rocking! Peace
  2. BuddahKillah

    STBB #583 VOTE

    KappNeffect per.du JoaGymshoe Kowalzki Soul Jutsu 3. brogrimm 2. ⚁N!TƎ 1. Brotha
  3. BuddahKillah

    STBB 583 - 16bit ninja

    Yoo STBB! Really challenging and dope rules, retro games and ninjas how can u pass up on that? Apart from the provided samples I took some Vocals from the movie "The Wizard" and a tiny piece from an old NES Ninja Gaiden commercial. Peace!
  4. BuddahKillah

    STBB #547 VOTE

    1. Lonius 2. Jams Beats 3. DonutProducer
  5. BuddahKillah

    STBB#547 - M.J Flipping week

    Yo! Dope week! Sampled the "One day in your life" joint, acapella is from "They don't care about us" plus I added a tiny piece of an old MJ interview for the intro. Peace 2 everyone
  6. BuddahKillah

    STBB 497 VOTE

    my vote goes to ntourage, feeled that bit at the end. peace
  7. BuddahKillah

    STBB 497 Cartoon/superhero/villain Week

    Peace Yo! Dope week
  8. BuddahKillah


    dope battle yo! looking forward to the next one
  9. BuddahKillah


    Peace yo!