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  1. Your Soundtrack to a "Trip"?

    This opened up Rodney to so many people who would've never heard him which is great. cinematic out on tour again this year too.
  2. Hudson Mohawke

    Also one of the best track names ever, those who know will know.
  3. Knxwledge

    Lisa Bonet = Belle de Jour
  4. Mndsgn.

    Mndsgn was on top form last night in Glasgow.
  5. Mndsgn.

    Looking forward to this.
  6. NxWorries

    Is there anybody out there?
  7. Hudson Mohawke

    I remember hearing him dj back in the early 00's in Glasgow and he killed it but that was when he was still DJ Itchy.
  8. NxWorries

    I don't suppose anyone has a link or a rip of the NxWorries Boiler Room from last week? I missed as I was working and I've not been able to find anywhere that's got it as I heard it was decent.
  9. Earl Sweatshirt

    Just listened to Solace a couple of times and I'm loving it, nice and moody.
  10. Sneakerheads...."Put ya kicks up!"

    That's why Nike and Adidas are re-issuing so many old shoes, not a bad thing as long as they don't rinse them.
  11. Knxwledge

    Really looking forward to hearing the full record