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  2. manwomanchild

    STBB # 560

    I recorded some vocals and a bit of synth from my moog
  3. manwomanchild

    STBB #542

    Here's the EDM track I made using the samples:
  4. manwomanchild

    STBB 508

    My first beat since my son was born. Haven't had much time for music in the past two months.
  5. manwomanchild

    STBB #489 VOTE

    There were a ton of really good beats this week. In the end, I really liked the way Osh'ean made me feel. Really like .BOGI, too, but I felt Osh'ean used the sample more.
  6. manwomanchild

    STBB 489 Back to 1 sample

  7. manwomanchild

    STBB #487

  8. manwomanchild

    STBB #475

  9. manwomanchild

    STBB 474 VOTE!!!!

    Great samples. Great rules. I liked per.du, B-dog, and DJAgent.M a lot, but I'm going with 5XVT by a slight margin.
  10. manwomanchild

    STBB #474

    Great samples this week! No synths, no outside drums, just the samples.
  11. manwomanchild

    STBB 471

    First entry in a while!
  12. manwomanchild

    STBB #448 Vote

    constrobuz: Classic R&B energy. eleven16: Tons of energy. Like the syncopated beats a lot. Jünger: Love how rich the bass and strings are. BLeS24: Really nice snare and harp sample usage. Really like the "you wanted to know" sample usage. j a m i e b l a k e: So smooth. Really relaxed sounding pads.
  13. manwomanchild

    STBB 448 - Lowridin

    I was away at my mother's house this weekend. She has a baby grand piano that's been in the family since the fifties and probably hasn't been tuned in a good thirty years. I spent a grueling hour sampling all 88 keys using a tiny Samson condenser mic. Since I had put in all that work making the multi-sample, I knew I wanted to use it in this week's beat (it's the lead piano that comes in every so often).
  14. manwomanchild

    STBB 442

    Good challenge! I ended up using field recordings and samples for everything except the guitar lead at the end.