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  1. Mink

    STBB#548 - Flipping Chords!

    Congrats on the win. Here's my entry. All elements of the track, bar the drums and the few bars of synth at the end are constructed from arpeggiating the chords and layering.
  2. Mink

    Member Komplikated passed away rip

    Yes RIP. It sucks to lose a friend. Don't recall him from these boards specifically, but am sure I must have heard some of his stuff
  3. Mink

    STBB #538 VOTE

    Uno. Kamei - That synth solo! Deaux. Levi Tretschinken - Crazy Tempo change and all round creativity Drei. Brainsick Beats - Great instrumentation! Honourable Mentions : Wigmaster (funky bass), Hobgoblin Beats (nice acca pick), bigfamily (all round nice joint), Sim/Joa (dope!)
  4. Mink

    STBB #538

  5. Mink

    STBB#537 VOTE

    1. Rustee Frequency - taking micro flips to the macro level! 2. DJ Agent.M - don't know what it is, but always feel your shit. Great work. 3. Paco - That middle section blew me away homie Honourable mentions... Valesco Beats (loved how you brought the reggae vibe), Vox Monkey (nice all round entry), G.F.Nella (great production), dtunez (that bass!) Probably not a classic week overall, but props to those that took the time out to keep this thing rolling....
  6. Mink

    STBB#537 VOTE

    You mean change the sample flip....changing the actual beat was optional I think...
  7. Mink

    STBB#537 VOTE

    Mate, the link to listen to submissions points to last weeks playlist Edit: Also, whats going on with these playlists? Is it impossible to leave comments when listening via it, or is it just my browser? (ignore me, realised you have to click on track name to open it up to comment)
  8. Mink

    STBB #537 - Micro Flip Special

    Totally worth the amount you paid....I would agree. But that 20% price rise tips it into a different territory for me. If it offered me much more than my current MPC, asides portability, then it would be different but for the price of the MPC Live, you could buy a NI Maschine Mk2, Maschine Jam Controller AND a 25 key NI Komplete Kontrol keyboard...thats a lot of beatmaking kit. I get that the big USP is that is is portable and runs off battery power and thats cool. I'd love to sit in the park and knock out a beat, or chill on the sofa and construct some grooves, or pop to my car on my lunchbreak to work on an entry for the battle tourney but the reality is, rather boringly, I am likely to use it in my studio like 95% of the time, especially as some stuff (3rd party plugins) don't work in standalone mode. I'll probably get one eventually as I'm crap at having resolve for anything, but if I do it will be through gritted teeth!
  9. Mink

    STBB #537 - Micro Flip Special

    Dtunez - I was going to upgrade my current MPC by copping myself a Live but then Akai pulled an eleventh hour price rise to make it near on £1k. Hell naw... Anyways, liked the theme this week. Three 30 second flips comin' up...
  10. Mink

    STBB #537 - Micro Flip Special

    nice theme! Can you retain the same beat with the different flips, or is the intention to have several 30-sec 'beats'?
  11. Mink

    STBB#536 VOTE

    Congrats Donutproducer! Apologies I didn't vote in this one. I was at a gig in London last night (GnR - a present for the gf) and expected to get a chance to listen and vote before going bed, but didn't get back in til 4am, so apologies y'all
  12. Mink

    STBB 536

    My entry... Used only the supplied sample, with a few vocals from Task Force's 'Butterfly Concerto'
  13. Mink

    STBB#533 VOTE

    For voting this week, I'm looking for beats I would love flowing over so there will be a bias towards the more true hip-hop/boom bap steez Good work all round as usual 1. Doom Dap - Strong drums, great vocal mixing, good use of samples. Simple but effective. 2. DJ Agent.M - Loved how you remixed a KM track and still retained the kind of vibe he would have used. 3. Sam Knockz - You need attitude in a beat when finding room for Heather B, you brought it! Honourable mentions - Kowalzki, Slam53, G.F.Nella, David Langenbacher
  14. Mink

    STBB 533

  15. Mink

    STBB 533

    Great theme. Been thinking about spitting something for a few weeks, so no excuse this week. Just need to write those rhymes....