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  1. For voting this week, I'm looking for beats I would love flowing over so there will be a bias towards the more true hip-hop/boom bap steez Good work all round as usual 1. Doom Dap - Strong drums, great vocal mixing, good use of samples. Simple but effective. 2. DJ Agent.M - Loved how you remixed a KM track and still retained the kind of vibe he would have used. 3. Sam Knockz - You need attitude in a beat when finding room for Heather B, you brought it! Honourable mentions - Kowalzki, Slam53, G.F.Nella, David Langenbacher
  2. Great theme. Been thinking about spitting something for a few weeks, so no excuse this week. Just need to write those rhymes....
  3. Here's mine. Had to do some significant surgery when I realised the 2min limit!
  4. congrats!
  5. Some great entries this week from everyone! 1. Elanvital - Outrageous baseline and the mixing is just soooo nice. Hard to pick a winner but this gets my vote (just!) 2. Barry Studebaker - made me want to go out and smash something, in a good way! 3. Detrius Tabu3 - The distant future - the year 2000 Nice approach - fit perfectly this week. Like the way your mind works. Honorable Mentions - Hobgoblin Beats, Butta Slick, The Wolf, Joa, βąℓ$ţ¥яɨȼ๏ •, Sol Savage
  6. Here's my entry. All samples aside from drums and volca synth bass line. Had to pull it all together in about 2hrs from start to finish, so bit rushed this week. Had actually booked tomorrow off work and intended to spend the day working on this but a death in the family coupled with me breaking my hand whilst jumping over an advertising hoarding at a football match and losing my footing (I'm not as agile as 20yrs ago, I've found), I have family get togethers and hospital visits to deal with so needed to get it done. Don't ya just love backstories? Not that anyone reads them!
  7. I can see Joa's perspective and see KVH's too. I think everyone's workflow is different, and thats a cool thing - I think where I side more with Joa here is if the only flip of the supplied sample is throwing it in the outro rather that utilising across the whole joint (if thats what you did). I can see how that rubs ppl up the wrong way. Incidentally, I don't generally use pre-prepped stuff, bar an occasional drum loop or unused prior riff etc but I do usually come into a battle with a specific style I want to run with, usually before the sample is released. I tend to want to try *something* different each week - different technique, genre or tool. It's all about experimenting and learning. I've come into weeks before wanting to do a chiptune joint, or balkan beats, or 80s, or old school or even reggae. Sometimes I've heard the sample and elected not to enter as I can't really incorporate it. It's rare that the sample dictates what I do, beyond the rules (like the portishead week where it did influence it). I guess what I'm saying is - horses for courses when it comes to how you approach the battle. But using a honed and finished track and just layering the sample into a segment will always feel a little...I dunno...shady Anyway, peace and love and all that shit
  8. congrats man
  9. 1. Syncope - Thick production, great synths, loved it 2. Kris Van Huystee - Somehow managed to find the funk in this all. Props! 3. David Langenbacher - The electric guitar brought a unique dark vibe which stood out nicely Props to all who took part
  10. I agree. I thought the top 3 voting system was MUCH better personally. Brought just a little needed structure into it, and meant that cats who didn't win but collected 2nd/3rd votes had something tangible to gauge themselves by. I get that the forum is supposed to kinda run itself, but I feel the vote is one thing that does need a little independent structure and moderation. Maybe thats not a popular view though. But hey - good while it lasted, I guess
  11. Here's my entry. Used the main sample and Sample B, only layered some strings on top
  12. 1. Zexual Nice arrangement. Dope chops. But that bass....mayne..... 2. David Langenbacher Bringing something different really stood out this week. Great groove and awesome production/mix work. 3. Koaraktor Number of tracks vying for the 3rd vote....Came down to tiny things in the end, but this joint had just enough interesting variations to take it. Just missed out but props nonetheless - Graftaq, MA Beats, Good.Fellow, Hobgoblinbeats, slanteyez, Axwai Productions, Uaimi Good work y'all
  13. Congrats on the win Here's my entry for this week
  14. 1. slanteyez - Loved the restrained vibe with great all round production but it was the final 30 seconds that nailed the top spot for me. 2. per.du - So Well produced. Funky bass, great swing. Great work. 3. DonutProducer - Quirky, Trippy Happy...Loved it. Real original spark here. Loads of diverse, interesting and well put together joints this week. Props to everyone.