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  1. ffolliott

    STBB #571

    Congrats Six! Gon try and enter this week, ain't joined y'all for beets in sometime <3
  2. ffolliott

    The Death of Soundcloud

    I saw this earlier and came in here to see if anyone was talking about it. Hopefully someone buys it, would be sad to see it go
  3. ffolliott

    STBB #538 VOTE

    ah my bad dude, edited that now
  4. ffolliott

    STBB #538 VOTE

    Really nice to b back with all y'all, been too long!! Some v dope beets, have to give it to ma mans ---- > 1 brainsick beats 2. naturelle.boombap 3. SiM + Joa
  5. ffolliott

    STBB #538

    can confirm i didnt have much of an advantage, started and made the track in a few hours as i'd left it so l8 haha, cheers mang <3
  6. ffolliott

    STBB #538

    Been some time ma dudes <3 Hope im not too l8 on this, im in ireland think i fucked up the time difference. Flipped the first beet, played some guitar/bass/lil singing. Look forward to hearing everyones beets! luv y'all ff (not sure how to add it to the stbb group like we used to be able to, but sent it thru as a message on soundcloud)
  7. ffolliott

    STBB #538

    Congrats on the win! Might actually enter this wan, havent done a beet battle with y'all in yonks <3 Love the samples!
  8. ffolliott

    STBB #468 VOTE

    Givin it to cha boi [KAPPNEFFECT] tite tite beet m8
  9. ffolliott

    STBB #468

    Reaaaaally enjoyed this wan this week. Used a tiny bitta kraftwerk for the start, used all the drums from the start too i fink. but for the majority i used aul Baris manco. Played loadsa guitar nd bass on this wan, ran it thru tha tape delay for extra dirty grease. Hope y'all dig! Look forward to hearing errrrybody's beets!
  10. ffolliott

    STBB #466 VOTE

    Sooooooooooooooo many dope beets this week. Wee dilla woulda been proud. Really hard to pick wan was really digging SEIZEBEATS + JULIANCONVEX gotta give it to ma mans Sixfingerz X Pete Range supa dope beet ff
  11. ffolliott

    STBB 466

    Had so much fun with this one this week Look forward to hearing errrybody's beets. I'm always leaving feedback, but its unda a different account tho, so if jamie nelson pops up its me. Sorta made 3 beets for this one this week. Flipped the sample at 16secs and da sample at 1:45m fo the main beet. played sum guitar too. Lil isley bros in there as well, hope y'all dig it
  12. ffolliott

    STBB 466

    Beautiful samples, looking forward to doing summat with this nd paying homage to aul jay congrats on the win fella!
  13. ffolliott

    STBB #461 VOTE

    GOTTA GIVE IT TO ----> BILLINSKI ! Supa dope beet m8
  14. ffolliott

    STBB 461: Cole Week

    Had loadsa fun with the samples this week, great pack of bits! Mostly used natalie samples throughout, but used one of the nat king cole samples for a lil ambient extra beet outro thing to keep to em rules. Used only ze samples in the pack, bar a bessie jones acapella, a snippet of a j cole acapella nd a lil twinkle on the dx7. Look forward to hearing errybody's beets! ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)
  15. ffolliott

    STBB 461: Cole Week

    diggin the samples, def gon muck about with this wannn