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  1. tesla

    STBB #573 VOTE

    YO Congratulations @Kowalzki won well deserved IMO! To me the win is definitely legit, there's a subtle difference between neglecting a deadline and not being able to deliver in the right format because of technical issues. It's more of a delay issue in transport than in getting the shipment on the road. Enforcing rules is one thing, but seeing each situation for what is it and acting accordingly - gotta be flexible. IMO at least. Thanks for the votes and looking forward to some fresh samples. Peace, O
  2. tesla

    STBB #573 VOTE

    1. Kowalzki 2. Banizzz 3. naturelle.boombap
  3. tesla

    STBB#563 VOTE

    1. Kowalzki 2.BENBADABOOM 3. FatVonFree JAKAL BustleFrog
  4. tesla


  5. tesla

    STBB #560 VOTE

    1 beatCretin 2 naturelle.boombap 3 defMute 4 Billinski + Nothing/Masters
  6. tesla

    STBB # 560

    recorded some subtle percs and layered with the drums one love
  7. tesla

    STBB #557 VOTE

    1. MA Beats ✪ 2. DJ AGENT M 3. [KappNeffect]/Hobgoblinbeats
  8. tesla

    STBB #555 VOTE

    1. dtunez Defmute JazzyMattNasty Tactilian
  9. tesla

    STBB 461: Cole Week

    wonderful artist & wonderful samples.
  10. tesla


    dope stuff def! any emcees wanna collab on this one? I can send you the rough cut of the beat, boom bap kind of thing. msg me on soundcloud
  11. tesla

    STBB #429

    I have yet to listen to the sample but damn, best theme ever. Congrats.