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  1. New Release From Raund Haus-- DOGZAMM

    Back in February an event collective that I help run, Raund Haus, got offered the chance at a distribution deal to start a label out of Durham, NC. This is the newest release... DOGZAMM - Kitty Litter Here's the spotify to the single "your number" featuring emcee Dawud Salim. The rest coming tomorrow. Here is also the band camp link... Dogzamm is a new project between longtime North Carolina collaborators Saint James and Ronnie Flash. “Kitty Litter”, the duo’s debut beat tape, is a merging of modern hip-hop elements with a focus on returning to simple, groove- based simplicity that both artists see as lacking in most modern music. The record's single, 'your number', is a slinky and laidback love letter featuring Chapel Hill based MC Dawud Salim. Press play and coast. “Dogzamm is 100 percent based on two principles — leaning into our eclectic tastes and not holding back any ideas.” -Ronnie Flash “Kitty Litter is a collection of songs to listen to when you just want everything to be alright.” -Saint James
  2. STBB #553 VOTE

    1. DTUNEZ 2. FAT VON FREE 3.SOVIET VILLAIN Really dope stuff all around. Fun to try and work a soundtrack out and capture a cinematic type thing. Tough to choose between the dope stuff and the cinematic stuff, which is a great problem! peacepeace

    I feel like you used to add to the soundcloud page by some function in soundcloud. Is this still the case or are you great el capitan mods doing the duty of getting stuff posted to the group soundcloud? Sorry, I've been off of soundcloud for months. cheers - gappa
  4. STBB #553

    Tried to stay sync'ed to trailer. Fun stuff! Tried to stick with audio from video minus drums and bass.