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  1. Dr.Cross

    STBB #576 VOTE

    damn the rules my english skills are not that good :D... nice entrys guys
  2. Dr.Cross

    STBB 576 Grime Folk Music (SnaresHellaOptional Week)

    heres my entry. i used a snare out of the samples. and tryd to make it sound dirty like dirty sanchez Greets from germany peace out. Dok.
  3. Dr.Cross


  4. Dr.Cross

    STBB #572

    used some bird sounds from outside. also the Bass is made out of a Car noise.
  5. Dr.Cross

    STBB #571

  6. Dr.Cross


    570Yaaaay S.T.B.B ♥ here is my entry for 570 stbb
  7. Waitin for the next STBB

  8. Dr.Cross

    STBB 536

    Congratz . Heres my Entry
  9. Dr.Cross

    STBB #510 VOTE

    Bounced to that sh*t from el. Malik Love it! My vote for that
  10. Dr.Cross

    STBB 510 !!!

    Congratz!!! Hey Guys Here is mine. i wish you all a pleasant Week
  11. Dr.Cross

    STBB 496 VOTE

    Congrats Hobo!
  12. Dr.Cross

    STBB 496 - B.R.

    Here is my non Entry Have a great week!
  13. Dr.Cross

    STBB 496 - B.R.

    Well, Intro is important in every Beat and Track so yes. "ONE 16 bar loop and ONE 8 bar chorus? or if we want to can we make a 3 16 bar 'verse' and two/three 8 bar chorus?" No i wanna make that STBB a little bit "short". Try to do your best work in Intro-> Beat 16 bars -> "when your want a Bridge before the Hook starts -> And Small Outro.