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  1. bcwarlock

    Original Sound Tracks

    Blade Runner...at about 1:06 in this track is a BSD.U sample....that piano part with 404 vinyl sim on it almost brings me to tears and I still don't know why....
  2. bcwarlock

    what are you listening to?

    love clams...Natural ep is still on my covet list for vinyl right next to the massive attack burial collab...
  3. bcwarlock


    sick balls!!
  4. bcwarlock


    haven't seen it yet but I did see the Chet Baker pic when I was in New Mexico....really really good.Called 'Born to be Blue'...def worth checking out if you get the chance.
  5. bcwarlock


    lol...License to Drive was the only "Coreys" movie I liked
  6. bcwarlock

    Free Drum Samples I Found

    thanks man....the dude too the site down to work on updating it and make changes bc the link works fine for me also now
  7. bcwarlock

    The Death of Soundcloud

    The way I read it you can still use it for free...theres a passage at the end of the article which ponders how soundcloud will entice user to pay since they can use most features for free....am I reading it wrong? Edit:Read the top article which does say this...but the full article below doesn't seem to say that it will phase out its free service....
  8. bcwarlock

    Free Drum Samples I Found

  9. bcwarlock

    what are you listening to?

    I love this dude
  10. bcwarlock

    Free Drum Samples I Found

    Was also gonna mention the lofi hip hop forum has some awesome drum samples...but the site isn't loading anymore....does anyone know what happen to it?I just discovered it a few months ago and was loving it but I went to log on and its says 404 error ore something like that....wont even load the homepage.
  11. bcwarlock


    Anyone looking forward to that Miles Davis biopic?....seem like it'll be pretty good.
  12. bcwarlock

    what are you listening to?

    Melts my spkrz...
  13. bcwarlock

    Free Drum Samples I Found

    no problem:)
  14. bcwarlock

    Free Drum Samples I Found

    http://www.illmuzik.com/digging/ Not sure if folks on here know of this site but its pretty cool and they have battles and stuff as well....plus these free drum samples which I'm downloading at the moment so i can't yet speak to the quality but i thought id share them anyway...cheers!
  15. bcwarlock

    Expensive Records

    Id be willing to drop up to $200 if I ever can find a copy of the BurialXMassive attack collab....no more than that though since it is only two tracks....really for me has to mean something to me to drop that kind of cash beyond collectible type value,rarity,etc....gotta be personal.