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  1. Rayem Leeps

    STBB #605 VOTE

    1. FatVonFree 2. MastaPetrovgrad 3. Granny David Big Thumbs up as well for: NellaGoodFella PerrinoiD Detritus Tabu3 D-Skillz
  2. Rayem Leeps

    STBB #605

    Finally had the time to make another entry! Hope you like it. I used only the provided samples. Would appreciate your feedback! Will listen to all your fantastic entries in the next days.
  3. Rayem Leeps

    STBB#597 VOTE

    Granny David
  4. Rayem Leeps

    STBB #597 - Gabor Szabo

    Here is my entry for this week. First beat I made in a couple of months. I only used my Teenage Engineering PO-33 sampler to make this beat. Would appreciate some feedback from you guys! Love Rayem
  5. Rayem Leeps

    STBB #460 VOTE

    My vote goes to GoodFNeLla Liked Ras-H and Scottie Royal as well! Keep it up boys Happy New Year everyone and may all your wishes come true!
  6. Rayem Leeps

    STBB 460 Elements

    This week's beat: I am really happy that I managed to compete two weeks in a row and i hope that I'm getting better or at least develop some kind of style. I'm happy for any feedback
  7. Rayem Leeps

    STBB # 459 VOTE

    For me Nick da Lunatic nailed it this week. love his bass <3
  8. Rayem Leeps

    STBB 459 - Library ish

    After a year of making no music I finally managed to get up a make a beat. I'm not that happy with the result (especially the mix is some kind unsatisfying) but it feels good to be back in the game. I hope that this is the start of new part of my life which involves a lot more of producing. I appreciate any feedback! Cheers, Reyem!