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  1. STBB #572

    Yo, congratulations solsauvage Here's my beat of the week! Enjoy everyone!
  2. STBB #571

    Congratulations on the win Sixfingerz! Here's my entry for this week's beat battle! Everyone enjoy!
  3. STBB #558 VOTE

    Here are D-Skillz votes for this week's beat battle: 1. resubmann3rs 2. JoeMoDo Boa 3. Butta Slick Honorable Mention: mike-a-veli, GFNella, FxWx, Kowalzki
  4. STBB # 558 - Klossa knapitatet

    Yo, what's up people? Here's D-Skillz latest works for the beat battle! Enjoy!
  5. STBB #548 VOTE

    Yo, a lot of great music in this week's beat battle. Here are my votes for this week. 1. Wigmaster 2. Minestates Producks 3. Tzu-Jan
  6. STBB#548 - Flipping Chords!

    What's happening people! Here's a new beat I just finished for y'all! Enjoy!