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    1 SFT 2 JAKAL 3 Barry Studebaker
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    Sorry about that FAT , situation was the following: I posted my beat on Sunday . On Monday I deleted it couse I did not like it... However after I listened later I decided it's fine So I posted it back on my sc. While I trying to post it back here I got an error messages constantly. I was not aware about the situation that after all the beat got posted so many times . I was not looking for extra attention if you are poinitng to this ) I am not a rookie here Also I did try delete it but honestly I could not do that. Please some mod maybe could do that Peace Fat
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  6. STBB #571

    Congrats Sixfingerz
  7. STBB#552 VOTE

    1 - 2N!T3 2 - Kongchain 3 - CHILLWILL1013
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