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  1. Sorry folk. just getting chance to finish listening... my top 3 - 1. S i M 2. ras dude 3. [KappNeffect]
  2. Tooth 4 a Tooth, outside drums, Casiotone CT-380, a recorder
  3. KOWALZKI Lonius samwise ganja the wax martian
  4. really enjoyed the theme. inspiring subject and a legend. Sample A and a bunch of low fi odds and ends I played with.. added a few distorted vocal shots and just had fun with it.. "ScienceFair" 200 in one electronic project lab - project 109 - "Sound Machine III" with a potentiometer alligator clipped to different resistors to mess with sound feedback from a bliptronic 5000 alesis sr16 casio sk-5
  5. the wolf spaced out, survival on an alien spaceship soundtrack soul-jutsu here you are! zoned out dusted synth bounce sage laszlo smoked out chimes in a summer breeze. Lonius carelessly back floating in pixelated quicksand
  6. congrats 2nite. whats good stbb!
  7. will be using that web radio on the reg. thanks for the hook up sol. doom dap sample - horns / dust / skips / scratches outside percussion everything else from web radio sampling
  8. LONIUS - chilled out cold and dug transformation of the required vocal