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  1. BLeS24 Pt Deux

    STBB #601 - Japan, optional extreme-production rule

    Congrats Lonius. Fun samples. Gonna have to mark this one late... passed out in the midst of final touches. greenery...
  2. BLeS24 Pt Deux

    STBB #600 VOTE

    [1] Lonius [2] Granny David [3] Sonic
  3. BLeS24 Pt Deux


    cheers to both of our hosts for the week
  4. BLeS24 Pt Deux

    STBB #599 VOTE

    1= élan vital 2 = defMute 3 = Calc
  5. BLeS24 Pt Deux

    STBB 599 Dark Trip Hop

    Big ups FVF. used 4 of the samples
  6. BLeS24 Pt Deux

    STBB #593 VOTE

    SC account mods..... i don't know how to tell you this..... but..... i'm late. not sure who is responsible, tests are ongoing. but appreciate your support until we learn more. need a re-post on my late entry. will see you later tonight for voting. xo BLeS24
  7. BLeS24 Pt Deux

    STBB 593

  8. BLeS24 Pt Deux

    STBB #592 VOTE

    Wolf. | KOARAKTOR | ?N!T
  9. BLeS24 Pt Deux

    STBB #592 [spaced-out]

  10. BLeS24 Pt Deux

    STBB#590 VOTE

    1# Barry Studebaker 2# [KSG] 3# Wolf
  11. BLeS24 Pt Deux

    STBB #585 VOTE

    1.Kowalzki 2.HUXLAY 3.FIVEPEE 3.01 FatVonFree 3.011[KappNeffect] nice mix of sounds and styles that came out of this week. well done everyone appreciate the listens and feedback
  12. BLeS24 Pt Deux

    STBB #585-confused john travola week

    just the samples
  13. BLeS24 Pt Deux

    STBB 581