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  1. STBB#567

    Congrats d3fmut3!
  2. STBB#566 VOTE

    Many great flips, these 3 are the ones that stood out to me. 1 - OGi feel the beat 2 - Scout 3 - Pete Range
  3. STBB#566

    Congrats Lokal!
  4. STBB #565

    Congrats Slaneyez. The sample is straight up amazing. Gonna have to check out some more of their work. Happy new year beat battlers, and beat battle lurkers.
  5. STBB behind the beat/Weekly winner interview

    This made me laugh. Congrats on the win.
  6. STBB #562 Radio

    Could someone please re-up the sample for 562? I have beat battle sample collection OCD. Gotta catch em all. Thanks
  7. STBB #562 Radio

    Congrats on the win you two. Nice write up on the winners interview Joa. It'd be nice for DT to add a little something up there too. I'm kinda nosey.
  8. STBB #561 VOTE

    1.Jondis X Nella 2. ⓢⓦⒼⓦⓂ X Barton 3. FatVonFree
  9. STBB #561

    Perfect, thanks man.
  10. STBB #561

    Noob question... Whats the rule on multiple entries? My man Barton is working on something else as well as what's cooking over here. Can he/we have more than one eligible entry?
  11. STBB #561

    Ok that's dope! I'll be in touch tomorrow. Peace!
  12. STBB #561

    Congrats BC! Barton, Do you have anyone to work with on this yet? I'd be up for a collab if not. Only thing is I've not started yet and I'm not going to be able to do anything until tomorrow around 18:00 (GMT).
  13. STBB #558 VOTE

    Congrats on the win Kowalzki! Thanks all for the votes and feedback.
  14. STBB # 558 - Klossa knapitatet

    Sorted. Not sure what happened there but apologies.
  15. STBB #558 VOTE

    1-Kowalzki 2-sam knockz 3-FatVonFree