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  1. Nice rules and samples. Should be a fun week.
  2. Congrats on the win Kowalzki! ...and thanks all for the feedback this week. Much appreciated.
  3. Enjoyed too many of these flips to mention but... 1 - KappNeffect 2 - DonutProducer 3 - WigMaster DON hb, & Barry Studebaker were high on the list, Billinski might have topped the list but for the 2 min time limit.
  4. Congrats on the win! Nice theme too.
  5. Your probably right about downplaying what you did. I only know what I hear, and what you said about using the battle sample in the outro of an already completed track. I think manipulating the sample to your will is fine, encouraged even. There are all kinds of ways to incorporate the sample, I don't think thats the issue. What Joa said above, and what I said in my first post on this is the issue. Where is the line? I'm sure that we all have many beats that we made outside of the battle that didn't use samples, only instruments. It would be easy to incorporate the battle sample into them and call it a battle flip. Doesn't make it so. The time limits and the release of the sample for all to use, and the submission deadlines, and all the rest of the rules that go into what we do here are there to keep things fair. I said my piece anyways.
  6. I don't think this contravenes the rules exactly but it isn't right. You have a finished track, made entirely without the sample days in advance. Then add some sample sounds at the beginning and end? It's like you crossed the line before the starter pistol, or got a ten strike combo before the bell. It's just a bit Dick Dastardly bro. Just an opinion but I think the sample should probably inform your choices of drums, bass melodies, harmonies and whatever else happens after the sample drops, if not entirely then at least in some part.
  7. Big congrats on the win! Really great theme too.
  8. Hey Barry, In case you didn't noticed I'm a strong believer in the vote staying on the site here! To all involved in this convo, please don't see anything that I have to say here as disrespectful. We're all entitled to our opinions, and I'm not mad at anybody for voicing theirs, whichever way we go with it and even if I disagree with it... Your right, there was a large percentage voted for the multi vote system. How many bothered to count once it was put in place, or lift a finger at all to see it implemented. Not many. Personally, I really just don't think voting off forum is in the spirit of the battle. We could host it anywhere, but this is it's home.
  9. I think it would be ridiculous to outsource the vote to another site. We may as well call it the stones throw google docs beat battle if we're gonna do that. The STBBC guys do more than enough with the re-posting on the playlist so why they would volunteer for more I don't know. For the winner to be responsible for inputting all the entrants names and managing the whole vote... Sounds more like a punishment to me.
  10. That hasn't been a problem for over 500 battles. Not sure why it would be one now... Besides, the new forum has pretty much done away with the fun fonts.
  11. Sounds a lot like what Syncope mentioned before. Three accounts for one battle. Do people not like the tradition of voting on the board? A simple count. There must be others that think this ought to be kept simple?
  12. Elanvital did it for me this week, amazing flip!
  13. The thing is, this shouldn't fall to one person. First person that rocks up to the board after the voting deadline should be able to get the job done. Wanna battle? Get it started... All members.
  14. I think this ideas has been discussed before. We'd be getting into the realms of everybody that battles needs three accounts just to take part and has to visit three sites to cast a vote. Voting on the board is simple, and proven. Tried and tested on the board for over ten years.
  15. Yeah, I hear that about in the middle of a vote. I'm a bit concerned that this is already taking over this voting thread, It should probably move over to the FAQ.