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  1. Knxwledge

    Ok, I used to like this dudes shit, but this wraptaypes or w.e it's called is type trash. I don't see any change or improvement coming for this dude in months. Just new beats with the same drum programming that he's always been doing. Tried to like it, but needed up telling myself it must've just been a phase I was going through.
  2. Chubs The Magnanimous Beat Thread

    Aye, thanks for following up with the format....cool stuff here...looking forward to seeing more updates in this thread.
  3. Video Games

    I'm really digging AIRMECH ARENA right now.... reminds me of command and conquer on the OG playstation, just with more colors and faster gameplay. i'm playing it on xbox one.. so if you have that or would just want to party chat at anytime.. you can add me... my gt is ll GOD BODY ll ll = two lower cased L's
  4. So Long, OFWGKTA

    never really liked them that much... kind of hated the whole horrorcore comeback....it was cool for a little bit, but I got tired of them really quick
  5. what's the difference between....

    I got mine for 500 shipped via ebay....think the company name is audiosavings

    Word...I guess I was just caught in a cycle...after shit like that you gotta just sit back for a bit and do something else...listen to somethig else and get inspired....then come back with a new idea...

    Ya already know i'm not good with online sarcasm unless it is straight out to the fullest....it's hard to tell when reading it online.

    Facts....I hate money...don't know why that way brought up. But you dudes are right...I'm not trying to find my style...it was more of me just sayng. I felt like I was doing the same shit over.

    I hear you... I was just wondering if that was the case for everyone else here..... like I have no problem..making a beat, but after awhile it's like... ehhh, i'm doing the same shit over and over... that last track I posted in my thread.. I kind of was listening to a lot of older shit and it was a track I heard before..knew it could be flipped, but didn't really feel like I had what it took to make it sing... so finally I had a revelation when it came to using effects and was like.. ok, i'm gonna go do some shit like that... and it was the first thing that came to mind. now i'm really feeling the sound of that track and kind of learned a few things from making that...and I want to make more shit with that feeling, but everytime I go to chop something...it just reminds me of that one track I made.. and i'm like... ahhh, i'm about to make the same damn track again..just with different sounds lmao maybe I do need to chill out and just loop the sample and see where it wants to take me... let myself get tired of it and see where i'd like it to go. THE OTHER THING IS.... I feel like all this experimenting is kind of putting a pause on my tapes I was making, cause now I'm like.. screw my old shit...this needs to be what I put out there lol

    So I'm sitting here like I do on the daily...flipping samples...and I notice that I'm doing the same shit to pretty much every sample... Is that finding your own sound or lacking creativity? I came across a technique or way of flipping a sample and all I want to do now is make my shit sound like that, but. I feel like I'm being lazy or something because all my tracks are kind of sounding the same..even though the samples are different. I'm on some real lord finesse shit right now...
  11. DRUMS.... I DON'T GET IT. (HELP)

    Those shits sound crazy lo fi ...I could probably use those for layering to be honest....they sound mad crunchy lol
  12. What're The Best Records Under $10.00?

  13. Album Artwork for Free...

    STOP BRINGIN' THESE BACK..... this shit like 3 months old and the dude never came back
  14. DOOM

    stop lying. that track was trash.... I see why it never came out.... def not his best shit....
  15. clppng/true neutral crew

    I think I just got possessed by Dr.Seuss