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  1. Perrinoid

    STBB #606 VOTE

    I didn’t post an entry, but I can vote right? 1- ma beats 2- ruedenz- hot beat, although I wasn’t feelin the rhyme 3- b jam vs enos
  2. Perrinoid

    STBB 606

    S20?!?! Yes! I had one of those in ‘97. But it’s broken, just sitting in a shelf. I wish I could find someone to fix it
  3. Perrinoid

    STBB #605 VOTE

    Oh snap - missed the gold, silver and bronze part...been more or less away since ST400... so, DEFMUTE - #1 Detritus - #2 Fatvonfree - #3
  4. Perrinoid

    STBB #605 VOTE

    defmute (On my phone - can’t figure out big bold fonts) i also liked: Detritus Tabu3 SEbP BLeS24 linkrust - good as always fatvonfree
  5. Perrinoid

    STBB #605

    [soundcloud] [
  6. Perrinoid

    STBB 599 Dark Trip Hop

    been quite a while... [soundcloud] / kinda missed the trip hop part...just read make something evil
  7. Perrinoid

    STBB # 418 VOTE

    VoX Monkey
  8. Perrinoid

    STBB #418

    no web connect at the house right now, so this one is a few hours late! figure better late than nuttin. so kind of non-entry i miss these battles, been crazy busy, no time to sit and chill in the lab. remember, If you have time to enter every week (like I did 10 years ago), dont take it for granted. your time is precious. peace
  9. Perrinoid

    STBB 411 (Soviet Week)

    I like it
  10. Perrinoid

    STBB # 410 VOTE !!!

    Ill hack Jackal KSG Winner-Porya Sorry can't do big colorful letters on my phone. Peace.
  11. Perrinoid

    STBB 410

  12. Perrinoid

    STBB#404 UNITY

    Or is it better to work with someone not in the same timezone, so one makes beats while the other sleeps? I don't know - just a thought. either way, Im in this week. I'll colab with anyone. that splice cloud is a good idea....although if the samples aren't saved the same, would that work? like when you load up the project, wouldn't it not be able to load all the samples and chops b/c that part is saved to your HD? not sure. I use MPC Ren or Live 8. In particular, I can offer funky electric bass, if that would blend well with your style. anyone interested, hit me up. Im on the east coast US. peace
  13. Perrinoid

    STBB 399 VOTE!!!!!!!!!!

    SHATTERHANDS did it for me
  14. Perrinoid

    STBB 399

  15. Perrinoid

    STBB 398

    nicely done sic, congrats