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  1. EdTheYounger

    STBB #506 VOTE

  2. EdTheYounger

    Teenage Engineering OP-1

    Yeah but it's an all in one synth/sampler/sequencer with a 16 hour battery life and it could fit in your pocket... Plus it has a built in radio tuner that you can sample directly off of... Considering native instruments and ableton charge that price for what is essentially a midi controller... I actually think it's fairly reasonable. I'm considering getting one as a gift to myself.
  3. EdTheYounger

    STBB 506 - Bubble Bath

  4. EdTheYounger

    STBB 505 - FFWD Astatke

    gratz mun!
  5. EdTheYounger


    such an anthem.
  6. EdTheYounger

    STBB #504 VOTE

    winnah = Toshio Suzuki runna up = KVH
  7. EdTheYounger


    Shit grow on you fam. First couple of spins I was like '...eh' Now I gotta get my daily listen in! Heat.
  8. EdTheYounger

    STBB # 503 VOTE

    Yup yup, maze won
  9. EdTheYounger


    that track is scary relatable for me... down to the turkey and cheese... almost as if it was written for me haha
  10. EdTheYounger


    preciate you fam vote = GAL
  11. EdTheYounger

    STBB#502 : EARWORM WEEK aka Make a Hit Song

    grats brah! lil non entry (missed vote deadline). pretty sure i also didn't follow the rules. but whateva. heres a hit made from a hit n joy.
  12. EdTheYounger

    dySTBBia 501 VOTE

    missed voting due to work but payed you all the respect you deserved by listening when I got home. If I made it on time I would have voted Kappneffect! peace and love to all.