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  1. KappNeffect

    STBB #607 Bass Piano

    Used Both samples Outside: hats, kicks, snares, piano bass Piano Bass Sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKbrfdbu4d4 (Chopped, stretched, pitched) homie rolled through for like an hour and we roughed some shit out. Not really mixed, but thought you all would enjoy it.
  2. KappNeffect

    STBB 606

    Used your drum kit & samples Outside: Bass + Recorded Vocals
  3. KappNeffect

    STBB #604 VOTE

    1. Wigmaster - MURDERED. This shit so cold, playa! 2. Blue Ear - This shit LUSH. Everything A1. 3. Julian - Them synths and that percussion FLAMES. ----- 4. TrackMakeDaBeat - SLAAAAAAPA. Good shit homie. 5. DefMute - Man oh man you nailed it. 6. GymShoes - that beat fire. 7. Lonius - kicks FAT. Chops ill. Nice work.
  4. KappNeffect

    STBB #604 [Lush]

    Nice little stash of sounds. Tried to use em all lol. Props on this battle.
  5. KappNeffect

    STBB #603

  6. KappNeffect

    STBB #602

  7. KappNeffect

    STBB #601 VOTE

    1. JAKAL - man, oh man. That beat... #MEAN 2. Slanteyez - Yo.. I'm a fan. Keep THIS up. 3. Maxatron - Playa shit. For real. koko - So fire. So simple. Love it. FIVEPEE - Ohhhhhhhh weeeeeeee. Them vocals GOLD. flobama - I see you. Main part hella LUSH. banizzz - HaRdHaRdHaRdHAAARD! Props. c1gart - drums BUMP. Sample on point. Zifhang - The middle part of your shit is PURE HEAVEN. More like that to come I hope. Nella - That bass + BUMP combo M>E>A>N! That bitch knocc. Perfect beat. Chillwill - Enjoyed it from start to stop. Love the percussion (minimal use of). OLOS - BANGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGER. Bumps on 100. Shit fire indeed. GAIT - LOVE IT. That shit was too nice. DJ Cut - Percussion A1. Like the sample work too. Love the space on this one. B-JAM - Serious work. Brought them FLAMES this week. FatVON - Bass on hundred, thousand, trillion. Plus you fit them drums right in there pefect. Good shit. Swoop - probably the best percs out of all the beats. That bass MEAN. That snare FIRE. Hella PROPS. Roddy - FIRE. Pro work.
  8. KappNeffect

    STBB #600 VOTE

    1. Nella - that bass line is so mean. SUPER DUPER RAW SHIT, CUZ! 2. Graftaq - drums fire. BEAT RAW. 3. DJ Agent M - smaaakkks! Keith - that shit COLD. absolutely brought it. Props. Dez - loved the progression RISP - that hat doe! beatfux - on life loved that shit. JAKAL - Chops are great. Lonius - Chops, amazingandallthatshit. Drums, killer. Salmcgault - horn is so FIRE. Drums POP. Kilt it.
  9. KappNeffect


    Used both samples
  10. KappNeffect

    STBB 599 Dark Trip Hop

    *Used 3 or 4 samples from the pack.
  11. KappNeffect

    STBB #598

    Used all 3 samples. Outside snares + kick.
  12. KappNeffect

    STBB 596

    Used both.
  13. KappNeffect

    STBB #595 VOTE

    1. Nella, my mans. Pure fire. 2. jakal --that shit go so hard. 3. Lonius - filter work too nice.