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  1. billonski

    STBB #561 VOTE

    I was worried at first when I didn't see too many tracks initially but damnn so many great tracks and collaborations. This is a tough one to be sure.. 3. BARTON X SWGWM - Great vibes and love the lyrical style. 2. JONDIS x G FELLA - ALSO with those sweet vibes and on point with the vocals. 1.JOA x D.T - That combo was too much hot dayum.
  2. billonski

    STBB #561

    Another one from myself and Nothing/Masters
  3. billonski

    STBB #560 VOTE

    It was great hearing all the different takes on those samps! MY favs...JOA--Perdu--SWGM-- 3.SUPAFLY--2.OTESLA-1.KNappeffect Love love loved the vibe on that. Wish it was a bit longer
  4. billonski

    STBB # 560

    Nothing/Masters and I in the spirit of the collab went at it again. Utilized an assortment of sounds for percussion, pots, water, books etc..
  5. billonski

    STBB #559 VOTE

    Just wanted to throw in a late shoutout to thank you all for the votes for me and Nothing/Masters. I hope you all enjoy what we cook up for this week's battle!
  6. billonski

    STBB #559 VOTE

    Man some hot ones this week. On mobile otherwise I'd go with a longer list but my votes are 1. MIKE-a-VELI 2. FIVEPEE 3.SUPAFLY
  7. billonski

    STBB 559

    Me and my Boi Nothing/Masters back together after all this time.
  8. billonski

    STBB#535 VOTE

    Damnn plenty of great ones. All my favs were well.. my Favorited. My top list would have to be :JULIANCONVEX - KRIS VAN HUYSTEE - LONIUS - GFELLA - PER.DU - BRAINSICK but I gotta go with***LIF***
  9. billonski

    STBB 535 - Short & Sweet, Alan Hawkshaw week.

    Loved the theme this week! Some of my favorite samples as well
  10. billonski

    STBB #532 - Reverb special

    Excited to finally be doing this again
  11. billonski

    STBB #513

    Amazing selection man, really excited to get back in this thangg
  12. billonski

    STBB 505 - FFWD Astatke

    Ughh what great samps BMC
  13. billonski


    Another hot week! I was torn between JOA- MABATAZZ- SUM POSSUM all being so awesome super tough but Imma have to go with..........MABatazz backround chops and vox all too smooth and catchy
  14. billonski

    STBB#502 : EARWORM WEEK aka Make a Hit Song

    So sorry for being a little late on this. We had a computer issue and lost a lot of earlier work.
  15. billonski

    dySTBBia 501 VOTE

    Imma have to go with YELLOW 5