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  1. Congrats on the win!
  2. Congratulations go to FatVonFree !
  3. Knew we'd have a good week with those samples! Tough choices but my votes are the following: 1st: GoodFNella 2nd: FatVonFree 3rd: KVH
  4. Super nice week, going to have fun listening to the entries Here's my entry...
  5. What he said.... and congratulations again. There will be a lot of entries this week!
  6. After this weeks Stones Throw Beat Battle, where I used a Smashing Pumpkins vocal for cuts, I decided to revisit some of their tracks to create a beat tape. Hope you like!
  7. Surely as The Wolf (of Stones Throw) it needs to be this....
  8. Congratulations to The Wolf with 39 points!
  9. 1. per.du - ambient feel but still funky 2. DJ LoDY - big spacey mix, definitely fits 'ambient' week 3. DonutProducer - great chops / mixed well
  10. Congrats on the win! Really liked the rules and samples this time around I made the beat from samples 1 & 4 and wondered about what I should name it, then I realised that Tonight (2n!te) fitted it perfectly and I did some Smashing Pumpkins cuts over it. I created a theramin sounding weird synth for the bit towards the end.
  11. 1 Hobgoblin -Enjoyed the hook, good interaction beween sample / acapella 2 DJ LoDY -Liked the main flipped beat and the pan mixed stuff 3 DonutProducer - Timmmmaayy - made me laugh!
  12. Congrats on the win Barry! Took me a bit to get my head around this one but I think I've done it. I used a bit from each acapella to do a spoken phrase between MOP & Ellie - then used some other MOP acapellas for cuts at the end. I used the Gypsy sample intro as an ambient element within the beat.
  13. Yup sorry, I hadn't noticed it was a tied 3rd
  14. Congratulations go to Barry Studebaker! Here's the rundown: