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  1. definitivedoodle

    Oh No vs. Now-Again

    just got it. dope beats. im sure someone over at ST is going spit all over this... or they should.
  2. definitivedoodle

    Stones Throw comes through!

    big ups to jj, and st. hopefully the jj signed paper is limited to st presales...
  3. definitivedoodle

    Favorite Album Covers OAT

  4. definitivedoodle

    what are you listening to?

  5. definitivedoodle

    mighty mos @ amoeba +cops wlib + jackson conti

    mos did some tracks produced by mablib when he did his short big band shows, sounded ill.
  6. definitivedoodle

    How many ST shows have you gone to?

    yea it was for B-Ball Zombie, Blackcat sometimes gets the lesser known acts, plus if you want to drive to B'more they are always getting ST heads.
  7. definitivedoodle

    Madvillainy 2: The Box - Update

    got mine. same deal as everyone else. all the box sets where stacked together, and then doom jumped on all of them. small bends on the box, cd tray is cracked, small bend on the comic. very dope packaging, but the quality control was def lacking on this one.
  8. definitivedoodle

    Sneakerheads...."Put ya kicks up!"

  9. definitivedoodle

    Stones Throw Board

    dope. glad i got to keep all my info this time around.
  10. definitivedoodle

    James Pants "Welcome" now on iTunes

  11. definitivedoodle

    Sneakerheads...."Put ya kicks up!"

  12. definitivedoodle

    Sneakerheads...."Put ya kicks up!"

    Always buying sneakers? It's the sign of a leader: poll Tue Apr 1, 9:50 AM ET Got a passion for buying sneakers? It could be a good sign, with a poll finding that people who buy three pairs of sneakers or more a year are far more likely to be a leadership type that other people. Mindset Media, a media company that examines personality traits of different consumers, found that people who buy more than three pairs of sneakers a year are 61 percent more likely to have the qualities of a modern leader. These qualities were defined as having ideas and vision, and a style with others that is both inclusive and decisive. The survey of 7,500 people, using market research group Nielsen's online panel, found multi-sneaker buyers were 50 percent more likely to be very assertive and 47 percent more likely to be spontaneous. Lauren Arvonio, a spokeswoman for Mindset Media, said sneaker buyers were more likely to fly by the seat of their pants. "It is often said you can tell a lot about a person by the shoes they wear, and now we have some hard data to back that up," Arvonio told Reuters. "What is interesting is that these personality traits held true across the board, regardless of age, income, or gender." Previous Mindset Media surveys found that people who pay their credit card bills off each month were more likely to be "highly deliberate," thinking through their actions, but also less modest than others, likely to brag about their habits. Hybrid car owners were found to be 78 percent more likely to be highly creative than other people and less dogmatic. (Writing by Belinda Goldsmith, Editing by Patricia Reaney)
  13. definitivedoodle

    Post your art

    ^ use it for a wallpaper if you want. i dont have it sized yet for a wallpaper, and i might do that give me a few. ^ thanks, some are all vec. some all ras. and some are both.
  14. definitivedoodle

    Post your art

    some old stuff.
  15. sick cover brother. loving the skills! if i get a copy of this, im def going to get you to sign this junk.