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  1. Percee P album coming in July

    just checked the events section.... JUL 31 PERCEE P - PERSEVERANCE WORLDWIDE RELEASE DATE: CD/LP
  2. so what's coming next?

    does anyone know anything about when supreme team is supposed to drop
  3. Baseball

    right on
  4. STMB Beat Battle #8 Vote

    outlier was a close second
  5. STMB Beat Battle #8 Vote

    yea im gonna have to go with pencilface on this one too...those drums were tight
  6. STMB Beat Battle #8

    just uploaded be honest i only worked on it for like 20 minutes or a half hour then forgot about it until now... "stmb 8"
  7. stones throw website is going pic crazy

    its working now shit didnt see the post above me
  8. STMB Beat Battle #8

    man i wish i had an mpc.....all i have to use is fruity loops and my numark pt01....
  9. stones throw street team?

    yea same man i signed up a while ago and still havent heard back
  10. STMB Beat Battle #8

    i think ill try an entry this time around, dont expect much though
  11. New PBW & Madlib DVD/CD

    no man i think it comes out april 10th, i could be wrong though
  12. money folder

  13. Yesterdays Universe

  14. money folder

    yea i just checked that out i see what you're saying
  15. Stone Cold Psychadelic Soul

    thanks a lot for the help man