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  1. syncope

    STBB #530 Vote

    damn... I didn´t think it would be actually THIS difficult to find a personal winner 1. DON hb (because of the weird japanese vocaloid that actually sounds like a trumpet) Oustanding stuff in no particular order: Elanvital (this IS portishead, great work!) MA Beats (super deep, love the choir sample!) donut (deconstructed but funky as hell) LIF (now thats how triphop is supposed to sound!) OGI feel the beat (great beat, very catchy!) tsu jan (damn man so deep... great stuff) yellow5ive (sorry bout the cat -I think Ill become an otter now, love what you did with the vocal sample) Barry Studebaker (tight beat man!) Graftaq (very mellow mood super smooth stuff) Gotta get some sleep now. Take care (and thanks for making me do music again :))
  2. syncope

    I like it! Cool video too, the VHS style is great.
  3. syncope


    yeah, I get that, thats not feasible... maybe there is a voting solution for the forum software itself?
  4. syncope


    I am of course no regular here (yet:)) but with google forms you could create a voting system quite easily plus you´d have the data in an easily crunchable format already. You´d need a way to prevent vote-tampering tho. something like unique IDs for every forum account or something.
  5. syncope

    Ableton Push

    Soooo is it worth the money? Is anybody here using this thing? I am planning to use it live and in the studio.
  6. syncope

    Favorite Vocal Microphone?

    I use the neumann TLM 149 which is a truely great mic for singing but it isn´t quite on point for raps IMHO. I like the SM7 for this, which is pretty affordable too -you need a decent preamp for it tho.
  7. syncope


    Aaaaaaand here we go, my entry for this week! I used Sample B and tried to channel Portishead as best as I could. It got a "bit" dramatic tho... Have fun!
  8. syncope

    STBB #448 Vote

    Vavoom! lady snowblood per.du the home of the dope beats A_Smith RAS-H Zexual Kongchain 3. GHprodu 2. MUMA 1.: fortyforty
  9. syncope


    LiNkRuSt.... just love it!
  10. syncope

    STBB 378 VOTE

    BREAK MASTER CYLINDER!! 9 Finger Death Punch coz you didnt use a 4/4 beat... love that shit and your production style! other outstanding beats (just my opinion and in no particular order): JoaGymshoe x Otomi Zuaq - Hold The Loogie JoaGymshoe STBB [[ Start Agaaaaaain! ]] mike-a-veli Stbb378 - I Never Finish Anyth baylum more bruuudi ekstase The-Jackal Rain-swept Bangkok AreouTheAstronautMF DIVINE SLEDGEHAMMER Es-K - (Blu - Soul Provider) Runme Raw I Journey Inside Myself phthisic Drapes illhack Jenny Mayhem ft. Jesse Taylor - Could Be (illhack Spacek rmx)
  11. syncope


    Hi forum, this is my output for this round, It took 6 hours to do this (my last battle-beat took longer but I dont have more time at my hands atm) and I only used the drums from the sample-pack. I added accapellas and synths to the beat which kindof confirms with the rules I hope this is OK! All the best! Syncope
  12. syncope

    360 VOTE

    well that was quite hard... voxmonkey Lexiuss baaskaT BEATS Kowalzki dinobeats 3_illiptic_ 2MillionDollarsMusic 1: UnKunde
  13. syncope

    Beat Battle #360

    Hi forum, this is my first posting and my first beat for the battles, I´ve been lurking around for a while now and now I finally got time to participate. I had loads of fun doing this awesome samples! I hope you like my output. Feedback is always apprechiated. All the best from vienna syncope