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  1. Yo guys what's up. With the news that Soundcloud might be going under, I took the time to go through all 179 out of 180 minutes of my filled up soundcloud account to cull the best beats for a few tapes for posterity's sake. The overwhelming majority came from old Stones Throw Message Board Beat Battles, and so I felt obligated to share them with you guys. All that being said, I proudly present 'Selected Soundcloud Beats vol 1. & 2'
  2. ...

  3. Wayniac Mondays

    I agree. I don't think he understood the concept of the song where JW starts over and over. I read in another article how this was basically the most braggadocios verse, and would've been the hardest - but that's the point. Jon was being honest and sincere this whole album so he couldn't front like that. The Quelle Chris got an 8 and Jon got a 7. I think Jon could be 8-10 depending on your sentiments, and Chris should've been a 9.
  4. New Album Coming on MelodySoul

    How'd you get hooked up with Cold Busted?
  5. Wayniac Mondays

    Amazing. Listened to it after the Thundercat concert last night. Jon wants to be turned into a book after he dies, it's amazing.
  6. New Album Coming on MelodySoul

    I like your style man, looking forward to the release and going through your old stuff as well.
  7. New Albums

    Hey guys, what's up. Have five new albums on bandcamp. A trilogy, "The Next Phase," of more trip-hop ambient boom-bap. And then 2 albums of loosies, one of Dilla for his birthday that remixed samples he used and one of Drake for a waitress I know who said she listened to a lot of him. I've never listened to Drake, I basically remixed as many decent Drake acapellas as I could find. Here's the second album in the trilogy.
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  10. 10 Years of Donuts (RIP J Dilla!)

    Now it's been 11
  11. STBB #518 Female Rap Special

    Yo fellas, I'm not joining this week's contest - just saying hey & glad to see the site back up. I already flipped that last sample a couple months ago, so here's what I would've made lol
  12. STBB #513

    yo wtf bro you gotta put out those secret beats
  13. Microphone check

    Lack of STMB had me
  14. MADLIB

    The 20 Year Compilation starts off with unreleased Quas... Why are you guys so pessimistic? That's coming from me.
  15. MADLIB

    I bet you a vinyl record that's not true. Why would they still be selling Quasimoto on the front page?